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Gemini Jets And Dragon Wings For Sale.

Wed Jan 04, 2006 4:26 pm

Hello all,

I am selling my 1:400 collection of Gemini Jets and Dragon Wings because I want to collect Gemini Jets new 1:250 scale aircraft. So, without further adieu, here is what is for sale:

Alaska Airlines 737-800 $12 (Gemini Jets, winglets, normal colors)
Alaska Airlines 737-700 $12 (Gemini Jets, winglets)

Both Alaska aircraft for $20

Aloha Airlines 737-700 $12 (Gemini Jets)

American Airlines 777-200 $20 (Gemini Jets)
American Airlines 767-300 $15 (Gemini Jets, polish)
American Airlines 757-200 $15 (Gemini Jets, polish)
American Airlines 737-800 $13 (Gemini Jets, AstroJet Colors, polish)
American Airlines MD-82 $45 (Dragon Wings, chrome, VERY RARE)
American Eagle ERJ-145 $8

Buy all AA/AE aircraft for $100

America West A320 $12 (Gemini Jets)
America West A319 $6 (Gemini Jets, prev. owner had to re-attatch nose gear)
America West 737-300 $12 (Gemini Jets)

Buy all HP aircraft for $22

British Airways 747-400 $20 (Gemini Jets)

Continental Airlines 777-200 $25 (Gemini Gets, Peter Max)
Continental Airlines 767-400 $10 (Herpa Wings, right gear was reattatched)
Continental Airlines 767-200 $15 (Gemini Jets)
Continental Airlines 757-300 $15 (Dragon Wings)
Continental Airlines 757-200 $15 (Gemini Jets)
Continental Airlines 737-800 $12 (Gemini Jets)

Buy all CO aircraft for $85

Delta Air Lines 767-300 $15 (Dragon Wings, new colors)

Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 $15 (Gemini Jets, reg. N580HA)
Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 $15 (Gemini Jets, reg. N581HA)

Buy both HA aircraft for $24

Japan Air Lines 747-400 $20 (Dragon Wings, new colors)

Northwest Airlines 757-300 $15 (Gemini Jets, new colors)

Thai Airways A340-500 $20 (Dragon Wings)

United Airlines 747-400 $20 (Dragon Wings, new colors)
United Airlines 757-200 $15 (Gemini Jets, new colors)
United Airlines 737-300 $12 (Gemini Jets, new colors)
United Airlines A320 $13 (Dragon Wings, old colors, hard to find)

Buy all UA aircraft for $50

U.S. Airways Express ERJ-145 $10 (Gemini Jets, old colors)

Varig Brasil 777-200 $20 (Tucano)

By my totals, the cost of all of these together is $433. If you are so inclined, I will sell the entire collection as a unit for $405. I do ask that the buyer please pay for the shipping charges, and to pay by cash, personal check or money order. Your model will be shipped after the payment is received. Please contact me at etflies@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Thanks for looking and have a good day.

Clear skies,
Erik M.
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RE: Gemini Jets And Dragon Wings For Sale.

Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:49 am

What planes are still avalible? Also,
is the America West A319 a US Airways
heritage jet? If so, is it the old or teal
colors? Do the models include boxes?
Because I only buy models with boxes.

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