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Safety Card Trade List

Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:35 am

Below is my safety card trade list. Some cards also for sale. A number of "rare" cards here. Please post in reply or email through my profile. Thanks.

Aegean Airlines ATR-72
Aegean Airlines ATR-72-202
Aer Arann ATR-42/72
Aer Arann Express ATR-42/72
Aer Lingus B737-500 (5/94)
Air Atlanta Icelandic L-1011
Air Atlantique ATR-42/72
Air Canada B747 (2-95)
Airlinair ATR-42/72
Air Mandalay ATR
AirTran B717-200 (8/02)
Alaska Airlines B737-400 (5/04)
Alitalia Gruppo Embraer 170 (06/2001)
American Airlines B727-023 (OP 023)
American Airlines B737 (2/2003)
American Airlines B757 EB-250
American Airlines B757 (11/2001)
American B757 (08/04)
American Airlines B767-200 (12/93)
American Airlines B767-300 (10/94)
American Airlines B777 (07/03)
American Airlines F-100 (11/2001)
American Airlines Super 80 (Single card, OP108)
American Airlines Super 80 (12/93)
American Airlines Super 80 (11/2001)
American Trans Air ATA B737-800 (6/01)
American Trans Air ATA B737-800 Overwater (9/02)
American Trans Air ATA B757-200 (9/02)
American Trans Air ATA L-1011 (PM0008, 11/98)
Bangkok Airways ATR-72
Binter ATR-72/202/PEC
Braniff B727-200 (5-70)
Braniff B727-200 (11-77)
Braniff B727-200 (2-81)
Brit Air ATR-42
British Airways ATR-72 Operated by CityFlyer (March 2002)
British Airways B737-200 (Issue 3)
British Airways CRJ Operated by Maersk (Issue 1)
British World Airlines ATR-72
Cimber Air ATR-72-211 (10-02)
Continental B727-200 (5/90, FAA Approved: 6/87)
Continental B737-200/300 (4/92)
Continental B737-200/300 (11/98)
Continental B737-500 (6/98)
Continental B737-700 (2/98)
Continental B737-800 (4/98)
Continental B777 (8/98)
Continental B777 (9/00)
Continental DC-10 (5/94)
Continental MD-80 (6/98)
Croatia Airlines ATR-42
Delta Air Lines B727-200 (10/81)
Delta Air Lines B757 (5/93)
Delta Air Lines B767-232 (10-82)
Delta Air Lines B767-300ER (8/93)
Delta Air Lines B767-300ER (11-97)
Delta Air Lines B777 (3-99)
Delta Air Lines L-1011-500 (1/92)
Delta Air Lines L-1011-500 (5-96)
Eastern B727-200 (September 1986)
Eastern B757 (September 1986)
Eastern DC-9-31 (9/90)
Eastern DC-9-32 (9/90)
Eastern L-1011 (September 1988)
Eurobelgian Airlines EBA B737-400
EuroLOT ATR-42
Finnair ATR-72 (631 D-NKL)
Flightline BAe-146
Frontier B737-200 (1-75)
Great Plains Airlines Fairchild 328-300 Jet (9/02, Operated by Ozark)
Iberia A320
Iberia Regional ATR-72-500 Op. by Air Nostrum (1999)
Independence Air CL-65 (5/28/04)
KLM MD-11 (Jan 1998)
KLM uk ATR-72
Mark Air B737 Overwater (1987)
Mesa Airlines Dash 8 Series 200 N987/989/990/991HA (2/24/04)
Midway Airlines F-100 (1995)
Northwest Airlines B727-200 (6/91)
Olympic Airways B737-400
Olympic Aviation ATR-42/72
Pan Am A300 (1996)
Reeve Aleutian Airways B727-100 (1988)
Reeve Aleutian Airways Electra N9744C (2/90)
Reeve Aleutian Airways Electra N178RV (2/90)
Republic Airlines DC-9 (0-0410-3-0417, 3/79)
Republic Airlines DC-9-10 (0-0410-3-0643, 1979)
Schreiner ATR-72
Skyway Airlines Fairchild 328Jet (8/02)
Southwest Airlines B737 (8/98)
TEA France B737
TWA B727-31 (9-77)
TWA B727-231 (6-77)
TWA B727-231 (5-91)
TWA B757 (6/98)
TWA B767 (-200) (6/98, PN4941)
TWA DC-9 (6/98)
TWA DC-9-80 (5-91)
TWA L-1011 (5-81)
TWA L-1011 (5-91)
TWA MD-80 (11-96, PN4930)
Tyrolean DHC-8-100
United Airlines B747 Overwater (1/92)
United Airlines B757 (1/92)
USAir BAC 1-11 (3/87)
USAir B737-200/300 (9/92, 12/92)
USAir B737-400 (8/93)
USAir Express Dash 8 Operated by Piedmont (8/93)
USAir Shuttle B727-200 (1992)
US Airways B757 (6/97)
US Airways Express B1900D (B9D-014-21-07-00) Op by Air Midwest
US Airways Express EMB-145 Operated by Chautauqua

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