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A client has given me a TWA food carrier to sell for her. She and her husband both worked at TWA here in Kansas City - she said he brought this item home in 1948. A description of the carrier: It is a stainless steel canister measuring about 8" in diameter, 15 1/2" tall. It weighs a little over 12 pounds. The carrier handle has a knurled nut between the handle & the removable top lid. You fold down the handle, remove the top, then lift out a frame which holds the two remaining clear glass trays - each with "TWA" embossed in it. The carrier lid also has "TWA" embossed on it. On the bottom of the canister it reads: "STANLEY IT WILL NOT BREAK ANDERS, FRARY & CLARK NEW BRITIAN, CONN USA" After many many unsuccessful hours of searching the web, I finally called the TWA museum here in KC. They actually have a couple of the same containers on display - in an actual galley - but no one there is sure which plane the galley was used in. On one of the miseum's web sites it states it was a Connie galley & another site from a Stratoliner - but I can find nothing definite.
IF anyone knows what plane these were built for - please let me know! I can send pictures!

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