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Your Recent FS Trips To Tunisia :

Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:31 pm

Did you recently flew FS to Tunisia ? Have you the last chart up-dates, last routings, last ATC instructions...

You may notice that the JBA-TBK-SARDI-TABOT route is more often used with frequent shortcut clearances to procede direct to TABOT upon contact established with en-route ATC.

The TABOT-TANIT-MANEX(ex PORTO)-TUC and the TUC-TANIT-SARDI-TABOT routings are used by flights departing TUN or MIR with destinations Spain, France, and the UK.

Traffics northbound and southbound-with destination MIR-may expect a direct TOBIB(ex-SEPIA)-KENIS(final Rwy07) or a TOBIB-TABOT shortcut. A TOBIB-FARES shortcut is also possible for flights to South Africa, Cameroon, Angola, Namibia...

Flights routing via Malta FIR may file OSMAR-TANIT or TABOT-TANIT-MANEX-ICANI-CBN-SONAK...with a OSMAR-SONAK shortcut. A OSMAR-TANLI shortcut is possible for flights with destination TIP/Tripoli.

Shortcuts to points such BOLOT-AJO-TINTO-ELB-BALEN-GIANO-RONAB-CRN-MOS...are more and more cleared now.

Traffics arriving TUN/Tunis via CAR-NOLSI may expect a MANEX VOR/DME/ILS Approach when Rwy01 and Rwy19 are in use, otherwise MARSA pattern and 13 DME Arc is to fly you to Rwy29's ILS.

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