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Doors On Flight1 Super 80

Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:04 am

G'day All,

I recently bought the Flight1 "Ultimate Airliners" Super80, and so am still getting used to it... I have one question that I can't find an answer to in the documentation that comes with the package - I've found that I can open the forward left hand door, drop out the airstairs under that, and open the door in the tail cone - but, I can't for the life of me find a way to open ANY other doors (cargo hatches, other cabin/service doors, nothing)...

Can anyone point me at the key combination, clickspot or whatever???

Thanks heaps!

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RE: Doors On Flight1 Super 80

Fri Dec 15, 2006 6:06 am

Hi, Other then the front left, the rear air stairs and the front left air stairs I don't think anything else is modeled.

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