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Wanted: Air Canada 744 Safety Card

Wed Dec 20, 2006 4:18 am

Hello All
I'm currently looking for a safety card from Air Canada's 744, the most recent one they had made. (The one that looks like the current ones) If anyone has one for sale/trade, I would gladly take it off their hands. Either PM me or send me an E-mail.

Here is my trade list:
Air Canada A320 Fins 235-240, 401-411, 415 and 416: x1
Air Canada A321: x2
Air Canada Jazz CRJ100/200: x3
Air Canada Jazz CRJ705: x1
Air Canada Jazz Dash8-100: x1
Swiss A330: x1

I have many others from AC and WS but will not be as willing to trade them.

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