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Weird FSX AI Problem (a Real Headscratcher)

Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:29 am

Ok, there is probably a simple explanation for this, but I'm pretty experienced with FS (various versions) and I can't figure it out.

I had a pretty pimped-out install of FS9 as far as AI was concerned - probably had 80% of all the real world's flights represented. Installed FSX and copied them all over the best I could - most of them worked straight away, and I fixed the few issues I found.

The one BIG issue I've had since day one, and still have no matter what I do, is that I have basically no traffic in Japan! And unfortunately, this is where I most often fly. Both my JAL and ANA flight plans seem to be broken, even though they check out ok in the FP_FS9 tool (I did convert them too, to fix the couple of airports that were renamed in FSX). The REALLY weird thing is it's not the planes either because I can see them sitting there at RJAA. They just don't move.

I do get a *couple* of flights out of these airlines, so they're not 100% broken. But it's like two flights per hour out of RJAA, which is ridiculous. There's no rhyme or reason to it that I can figure out.

Could it be an AFCAD problem? Does FSX check that there are available parking spots at an airport before it even begins a flight? That's the only thing I can think; I don't have FSX AFCAD files for a lot of Japan airports.

If that is the problem, I guess I'll just search around for AFCAD files. But I don't seem to have that problem in any other part of the world - US and European airlines all work totally fine.

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