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User Report, Kinda... CH Yoke And Pedals

Sun Dec 24, 2006 3:37 pm

- So I broke down and bought the CH yoke and Rudder Pedals off of Amazon via WonderEletronic. FYI, WonderElectronics is so cheap because the charge a huge shipping and handling fee. Anyhow, after mounting the Yoke and about one hour of control assignments and moving the master throttle from the left most lever to the right most lever "because if you fly with one hand like you should its hard to keep the other on the throttle - that its setup to use". I notice the pulling back on the yoke with one hand "not using even pressure on both sides" seems like it really strains that plastic tube that allows one to push and pull, im wondering if anyone has ever had that brake on them. As for the Rudder Pedals, well there just not heavy enough to stay put on the carpet and seem vary unrealalistic. I'm going to attempt to send them back. Might not be worth it tho. So all in all the Yoke is great after mounting and reassignments, "tho the hat switch would be better off on the left", and I just don't agree with the pedals, the movement, feel design, weight, etc...

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RE: User Report, Kinda... CH Yoke And Pedals

Sat Dec 30, 2006 12:06 am

Hi, and thanks. On mine, the worst thing that I have noticed is that it tends to suck in dust. AS for it breaking, after much hard use it seems to be fine, although I did think that some of my friends were a bit too "friendly" with it.

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RE: User Report, Kinda... CH Yoke And Pedals

Sat Dec 30, 2006 1:29 am

I have all three, the rudder pedals, the throttles and the yoke. No problems with any, The Yoke i can clamp and unclamp in 15 seconds from the table, so once I take off i can just surf the net, the rudder pedals, i worried that they might slip on the floor, nope not at all, they havent moved at all. The throttles, Well they took me for ever to configure, Finally did, they work great, i just need to change the sensitivity setting.

All three are awesome.

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