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1:500 Closeout Sale

Thu Jan 04, 2007 7:20 am

HERPA 1:500
AeroMexico Boeing 767-300 OG (without box) $13.00
American Eagle CRJ-700 NG $14.00
Continental Boeing 777-200 OG $16.00
Delta Express Boeing 737-200 NG $12.00
Delta Boeing 767-400 NG $17.00
Lufthansa A340-600 NG $17.00
Northwest Boeing 757-300 NG $17.00
US Airways A330-300 NG $18.00
US Airways Express Dash 8 NG $12.00
United A319 NG $13.00
United Express(Air Wisconsin) CRJ-200 NG $13.00

HERPA 1:500 Airport Accessories
First version, 5 passenger gangways $11.00
2 Departure Halls (Without Recess) $18.00
Hexagonal Departure Hall $20.00
Hexagonal Departure Hall $20.00
Airport accessories 1 $11.00
Airport accessories VII $12.00

StarJets 1:500 (No Box)
US Airways Shuttle A320 $13.00
US Airways Shuttle A320 $13.00

---Family emergency and I just have to get rid of all this stuff. I have pretty much taken the low average price listed on this website and posted that as selling prices. You may buy in orders of two, or entire collection. I am trying to stay away from send away just one model, preventing me on spending unnecessary money.

I have mostly all Herpas in original box, except the Aeromexico 763. I do not want complaints on pricing, I am not experienced at this at all so give me a break. You may contact me via e-mail, I have personal messaging on this website.

But my email is
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RE: 1:500 Closeout Sale

Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:49 am

Sent a PM...

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