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Fspassengers And FSX

Sun Jan 07, 2007 12:12 pm

I guess i just need a moment to vent. I used Fspassengers on FS9 and enjoyed it. It brought a nice touch to the game that helped it seem not so empty. FSX is great and all in the visual department but still it feels empty. You do from doing the missions where you have a co-pilot to the free flight mode where it is just you again. I miss the need to fly in a manner that does not scare the passengers and deal with in flight emergencies. I have been to the Fspassengers site looking for info but so far it seems that if you ask for a timetable for getting fspassengers ready for FSX or even an idea of how far it is along in the process that you get beaten down quickly or get some smart ass remark from one of their mods. So since it seems that Fspassengers will not be happening soon does anyone know of a programs that offers anything close to this or are we stuck simply waiting?

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