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FSX Help? Reinstall Problems

Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:34 am

There randomly has been an error message for a while now when I start Microsoft FSX. The message states something like, "Error occured in the activation process of this product. Try reinstalling the product to fix the problem". I would click ok, and the game would run fine, but it wouldn't let me play for more than 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the trial time, but my product was already registered when I did it back in November. It thinks the game isn't activated for some reason, and I couldn't find any resource to activate it.

And now my biggest problem. I uninstalled FSX to try reinstalling it. After it was uninstalled, I put DISC 1 into the dvd drive on my computer.

....Nothing happened. The computer made it sound like it was trying to read the disc but as if there was nothing on the disc. I went to add/remove programs to try and install it that way, but again, the computer couldn't find any installment soft where. You can install FSX on computers more than once right? Otherwise I do not know why this is working. And until I can figure out what's wrong, I have now Flight Simulator on my computer, which is kind of disappointing.

Please help. ANything is appreciated. Thankyouuuuu

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