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Installing FS9 Addons

Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:14 am

G'day everyone,

I am having issues installing add-on aircraft with this program. I download the .zip file from the respective site and then I unzip the file into a separate folder on my desktop which I create myself. I open the FS9>Aircraft folder and place the folder in there and nothing happens. The addons which this has been happening to are the "Pro Pack" and aircraft fleets. The only successes I've had installing addons have been for AF and DL aircraft, so I guess flight sim is telling me only to fly SkyTeam.  Wink

Being that I tried installing a LY T7 fleet so that I can do my non-stop US to TLV tonight, I will be performing the operation with a DL T7 aircraft in the new color scheme, (from ORD and coming back to ATL).

Jeremy Carlisle
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RE: Installing FS9 Addons

Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:54 am

You want to make sure that your actual A/C isn't inside another folder.
IE: under you FS9 A/C directory, you can't have [fleet name]/[A/C name]/[A/C "parts"],
you have to have [A/C name]/[A/C parts]

By aircraft parts I mean: aircraft.cfg, texture folders, .AIR file, panel folder etc.

If this doesn't help, I'm not sure what else to think of.
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