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Anbody Want Magazines?

Tue Aug 07, 2007 3:22 am

Hi Guys!
As in my other post (sorry about the duplication!) I am streamlining my collection of airliner stuff, have a load of magazines looking for a home, cost is minimal (Postage etc.) so if you are interested in any of them drop me and email:

Airliner World:
November 1999 British Airways A319
July 2000 Metrojet B732
August 2000 British Airways B757
September 2000 JMC Air DC10
January 2001 E145
April 2001 United Airlines
May 2001 Jet Airways B734
June 2001 AIR AT7
March 2002 Northwest Airlines
April 2000 Team Lufthansa DH8
July 2002 J-Air J41
December 2002 VG Airlines A330
July 2003 Gulf Air A330
November 2003 Air Slovakia B757
February 2004 Edelweiss A330
March 2004 AN12
April 2004
May 2004 Southwest B737
February 2005 AirSea Lines
April 2005 Iraqi Airways B732
May 2005 E170
January 2006 Emirates A380
June 2006 Il76

March 1998 Northwest B747
September 1998 JAL B777
December 1998 Lufthansa A340
January 1999 US Air
April 1999 America West A320
August 1999 B737 v A320
October 1999 Aerolineas Argentinas A340
September 1999 Air France B777
December 1999 National Airlines B757
January 2000
April 2000 Dornier 328Jet
June 2000 Atlas B747
August 2000 Singapore B777

Mar/Apr 1994 Southern DC9
Mar/Apr 1996 YS11
Sep/Oct 1998 United Airlines B777
Mar/Apr 1999 Air Canada A340
Jul/Aug 1999 TWA DC9
Jan/Feb 2000 Air Jamaica A320
Mar/Apr 2000 Silhouette
May/June 2000 Capital Viscount
July/Aug 2000 British Airways B747

Air International:
Oct 2000 (Monarch Main Feature)

Airliner World Special:
Regional Airliners (circa 2001/2002)


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