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EWR Gate Assignments

Sun Oct 14, 2007 12:43 am

Could anyone provide me with a recent listing of who uses what gates at EWR so I can make sure my AFCAD is set up properly?
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RE: EWR Gate Assignments

Sun Oct 14, 2007 9:37 pm


I don't have the specifics of what gate(s) each airline uses, but I can provide what part of the banjos each one uses.

Terminal A:
In the first banjo, its UA, AC, AS, and FL (FL has one gate, AC shares gates with UA, AS shares one gate with UA). In the second banjo, its CO and B6 (CO has the majority of the gates, B6 has two or three gates). In the third banjo, its AA, US/HP, and YX (YX shares a gate with US/HP, US/HP has three or four gates, AA has the rest).

Terminal B
The first banjo is used by DL and NW. U5 may share a gate for its domestic operations, but I do not recall (Highly irrelevant for AFCAD though). The second and third banjos are common use gates for all international carriers, and U5's international operations. CO will occasionally use a gate here if Terminal C is backlogged (again, irrelevant for AFCAD).

Terminal C
All gates are operated by CO (you probably knew that). Depending on what scenery you are using and if it has the capability, the 2nd pier of Terminal C should be all Continental Express.

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