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Custom Decals: How To Make. Or Can Someone Do Them

Sun Apr 06, 2008 10:39 pm

I know I've asked this before, to little response. But how can I go about getting some custom decals made? I'd prefer to simply hire someone to build my fantasy models for me. But no one seems to want to do it. So if someone can at least help me with the decals, and I'll build them myself, I'd still be grateful.

I'm looking for, in 1:200 scale: AirCal, PSA, Reno Air, and assorted Western Pacific. Now, on the first three, someone was kind enough to actually post high resolution scans of the decal sheets I want. I have saved them, but now don't know what to do with them. If anyone can give me some direction on how to resize and actually create usable decals, then great.

Even better would be if I showed you guys the scans and hired you to run off some sheets for me.


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RE: Custom Decals: How To Make. Or Can Someone Do Them

Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:09 am

Hey Matt, how's it going?

The best way to resize them is to trace them in a vector based program (I used Corel). This allows you to resize as needed precisely without distorting things and makes it easier to get solid colors.

As far a s printing goes, color laser printers can get good color but are not opaque. ALPS printers (I think they do some kind of wax based thing) are more opaque, and can also print metallic and white but sometimes have trouble with greens and oranges (may depend on model, not sure). Inkjets are blurry, need to be carefully sealed and require special paper. I had luck finding someone who could print ALPS stuff way back on an ALPS specific yahoo group.


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RE: Custom Decals: How To Make. Or Can Someone Do Them

Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:59 am

I am trying to work on my first custom decal project of my virtual airline on a 1/200 744 and I got inkjet water slide clear decal sheets 10 sheets for 2 dollars, and I will print on paper first to get the right sizing then finally print it on the decal sheet and apply it. I have no white in my details so I chose to order the clear version.

Its something you could do, but I am only experienced in doing textures on FS planes, but not doing a entire decal template sheet for a full livery. I just want to apply some lettering and accents to a white model, at minimal

you can also order doors, windows, frames of several types of airliners as decals, so you can maybe apply some custom decal then put the regualr plane decals over it, if you want to paint over some display model and remove the original windows
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