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Need A Panel Maker Please!

Tue May 27, 2008 3:28 am

Hey guys was hoping someone who made panels would be able to talk for a sec.

A few pals and myself are starting a ABXHoldings VA. We are looking for someone to make the new 767 panel(for LDS) ABX has as we will provide the info.

Also if anyone knows how to code the FMC, we would love a sec. or your time as well.

We are looking to add a GPS MMR into the FMC and a changeable/for show RNP value like the real Pegasus, and want to make the LDS "Official" for RNAV(GPS) and SAAAR(RNP) like the real ABX has!

Can't post this on LDS forum b/c they dislike people who mess w/ the panel and broadcast it or even ask.

We would gladly pay you for time spent on making the panel/FMC as well!


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