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European Air Bases

Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:48 am

My wife and I were both in the USAF and we were checking out our old air bases in Europe. Wow, she couldn't even identify Aviano, or Incirlick. She was in both places before I met her back in '89-93. From '90-'92 I was at RAF Mildenhall. The overview on Google Earth didn't look like things changed much, but it really has. Then we pan over to Ramstein AB, Germany, where my wife and I met in '93, that place really changed.

After my wife and I got married in '95 we stayed until late '98. In Germany and both worked DoD for the US Army. We couldn't believe how quickly FRF closed and a whole slew of US bases and posts. Great times! I'm still trying to get over the big hotel (billeting) that went up across from the MAC ramp at RMS.
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