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CaptainSims Boeing 757

Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:12 pm


Over the weekend I purchased Captain Sims Boeing 757-200 (and 300)…

Wow I am surprised on how good the product is – it’s amazing.

I am not saying it’s better (or even as good) as PMDG’s Boeing 737 & 747 however it’s on the heals of Level-D’s Boeing 767 and far better then any FeelThere’s products.

Does anyone else have the product on here?

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RE: CaptainSims Boeing 757

Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:17 pm

Hey Kimberly,

I sure do...or I should say, I have parts of it. Captain Sim makes an AMAZING product, but it still isn't completed. I waited 2 years for Block D (FMC etc...), and although it's finally out, it still isn't perfect. The lack of a good 2D panel is also very upsetting (especially considering the oversight required to not include a 2D throttle quadrant). Their customer service is atrocious, really snobby, and there are times when it seems like there's nothing being done.

I can appreciate the amount of time required to build a true to life 757 from scratch, but they don't take constructive criticism, nor really respond to any customer service requests.

That being said, if they ever release the next (and apparently final) service pack for the FS9, I'll be a happy person.

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RE: CaptainSims Boeing 757

Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:57 am

I considered buying a Captain Sim product recently - but a couple of things put me off. First, the modularised multi-pack system they seem to have going - just hit me as weird. If I'm forking out good money for an aircraft sim, it has to be complete.

Second, and by far and away the most important to me - their focus seems to be on creating a beautiful external model rather than hardcore avionics and systems accuracy. I read lots and lots on their site about how accurate and good-looking the B757 model and visual effects are (and I don't doubt it) - but next to nothing on the avionics simulation, just a couple of lines on "extensive systems programming" and the presence of an FMS.

Having said all that, I've never actually used a CS product, and I've heard great things about them. From my point of view though, it's extremely hard to jump off the PMDG bandwagon.
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RE: CaptainSims Boeing 757

Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:01 pm

I own the following Captain Sim addons:

Space Shuttle (I was bored...)

Everything said in previous posts is true, except maybe about the customer service. I've had to re-download and re-install a few times, and never had much problem with them. Be warned that if your computer is more than several weeks old, CS birds can be resource hogs.

I am still having issues with the CS 757 not recognizing some of the functions on my PFC console, but I've not had time to chase down the issue. Perhaps it's in FSUIPC.

Either way, they are great aircraft, I will be buying more!

PMDG is great, but dear God - you can damn near rent sim time from Flight Safety for what they charge for those things.

Level-D is still one of my favorites, as is the Wilco 737. Great birds!
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RE: CaptainSims Boeing 757

Wed Oct 29, 2008 3:35 am

Quoting AndrewUber (Reply 3):
PMDG is great, but dear God - you can damn near rent sim time from Flight Safety for what they charge for those things.

I actually don't agree that PMDG stuff is expensive for what you're getting (even though I said the MD11 seemed a tad pricey in another post - I withdraw that comment now I'm using it regularly).

As I've said before, for me, a simulator or aircraft is only as good as its accuracy to the real thing. For the price of a PMDG 747/MD11, you are getting a level of systems accuracy that I haven't seen on a readily available PC product with the exception of Aerowinx's PS1, which I also own, costs 5 times as much, and is a pure B744 systems/glass trainer (virtually no external graphics). And the products are not dumbed down or simplified in any way, which is great.

Just have a look at the 1,500+ pages of manuals and handbooks that come with the MD11 - I'm surprised it doesn't cost more - and wouldn't complain if it did, they've put that much effort into it. I'd go as far as to say I couldn't really see myself buying any other company's products, unless they reach this level.

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