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What Is The Problem With The FSpax Scoring System?

Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:10 pm

Well today I attempted to fly KLAX-KSFO with my POSKY UAL B747-400 when a problem occurred. Right after takeoff from LAX upon retracting the gear, the nose gear remained extended. I continued to climb to 6000 AGL and flew out to the BUR VOR before turning back to shoot for an approach for 7L back in LAX. I followed procedure and declared an emergency. I landed at a rate of -200fpm at a speed of 137 kts and held the nosegear off until about 65 kts it settled itself down. The nosegear then continued to collapse, so I then proceeded to cutoff the fuel to the engines to minimise damage. Upon the scoring the report said, "The pilot declared what seems to be a false emergency." . I honestly don't get why it was scored that way. Has anyone had a similar expierience with FSpax for FS9?
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RE: What Is The Problem With The FSpax Scoring System?

Fri Dec 05, 2008 2:04 am

I have had all sorts of scoring problems with that program. I enjoy the reality that it brings to the flight sim but sometimes it is just annoying. I will say that it actually sounds like more of a problem with FS than FSPAX. I have had problems with FS aircraft not retracting gear or flaps properly but it seems that nothing is wrong. I usually just fly with the problem cause I think it is just an FS error. FSPAX probably didn't see it as a problem and that is why it assumed a false emergency. I usually have problems like that after I have been running FS for awhile so a restart usually does the trick.
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