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Airline/Airport Wallpaper (not Computer)

Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:08 pm

Hello All,

This may be a strange post, but I am trying to decorate my office with all of my old airline stuff.

Does anyone know where to get some Airline/Airliner/Airport themed wallpaper or border? I have looked everywhere, but all I find is kids, military or antique type stuff. Surely someone makes something like this.

Any info or ides would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Airline/Airport Wallpaper (not Computer)

Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:41 pm

Hi Dave,

I remember going through this process quite a while back. Unfortunately, I had the same problem you did, and wound up electing to just paint the room an off-white, and decorate it from there. One option you do have, though I'm not sure I could point you in the right direction, is if you have a bunch of things that would look neat stitched together and not bad being repeated (I tried to find a box of my dad's old boarding passes), there are wallpaper places that can create wallpaper from something like that.

Also, IINM Sporty's Pilot Shop still has a full wall mural of a 777 cockpit. It's like 10' x 8', and is pretty cool (I had it my old room for a whle, it's heavy, though).


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