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Post Your FS Passenger Info!

Thu May 21, 2009 11:25 pm

In FS passenger, one of the best add on's I would say that I have for FS9, you of course can create different companies, and fly planes in them.

I have 9 different ones, and fly different aircraft etc in them. Here is the list including the name, how many flights I have done and the total mileage, lets see yours.

Oneworld (Oneworld member airlines) 21 Flights, a total of 31,364 miles.

Skyteam (Skyteam member airlines) 18 flights, a total or 22,877 miles.

Star (Star alliance member airlines) 25 flights, a total of 38,669 miles.

Non Alliance (Full fare airlines not in a alliance) 3 flights, a total of 6,330 miles.

AS (Alaska Airlines) 11 Flights, a total of 11,348 miles.

Cargo (Cargo aircraft) 3 Flights, a total of 5,575 miles.

Corp Travel (Corporate jets) 2 flights, a total of 2,822 miles.

Low Cost (The likes of Easyjet, Ryanair, Southwest etc) 5 Flights, a total of 2,937 miles.

RTW (Round the world in the Boeing livery 777) 3 Flights (1 to go) total of 12,679 Miles.

Total flights done is 94, with a grand total of 134,601 miles flown
(Not including a BA777 flight LHR SIN I have just flown)
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