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Fs9 Eham Sinking AI Fix Or Finding NL2000 D/l

Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:09 pm

I had NL2000 for a while but deleted it when I had to reinstall and now many of the AI Aircraft sink when they are parked. When I do a search for "EHAM" on the main screen of FS2004, I get "Traffic Bus Schiphol". I tried to reinstall FS2004, copy and paste the .bgl files that are mentioned on the NL-2000 website and even tried copy/paste the original scenery and texture folders from CD3. How can I fix this? Or, if its easier, how can I get the NL-2000 scenery in one (or two) files? All I see or Torrent downloads and it doesn't get past "connecting to peers".
Thanks for your help!

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