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CRJ 900

Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:13 pm

Hi everybody,

I am using FSX standard edition together with POSKY CRJ 900 v3. I don't see a virtual cockpit, instead I have by default the cockpit of the old MSFS 737-400.

I am quite happy with the flight dynamics, exect for

- the unusual high pitch in standard rate turns. Pitch goes up to 12° with an airspeed of 180KIAS.
- the powersetting: poskys CRJ seems to be overpowered, I have to use 5%-10% less power to achieve the book numbers.
- the cockpit. I would like to use the standard CRJ 700 cockpit 2d or a better 2d freeware solution. Is that possible? What I find odd is that with the standard MSFS CRJ 700 I am not able to toggle to the 2d pit. Am I missing something? If I switch to 2d cockpit, I get 3d. If I simply switch on the 2d cockpit from the menue, It is displayed above the 3d cockpit, decreasing frame rates.

Is there any fix for that?

I need to train on the CRJ 900 for a screening. I am not an computer nor an MSFS expert.

Thank you
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RE: CRJ 900

Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:41 pm

Quoting Shany (Thread starter):
the cockpit. I would like to use the standard CRJ 700 cockpit 2d or a better 2d freeware solution

Just copy the 'panel' folder from the default CRJ-700 and that should do it.
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RE: CRJ 900

Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:45 pm


I have also used the Posky CRJ 900 for a time, in FS9 though. My experiences with this addon's flight dynamics are very similar to yours – it's not really a bug, more a feature. While Project Opensky delivers high-quality exterior models, I find the flight dynamics to be lacking in some parts. Editing them is quite difficult unless you know how to deal with .air files and the relevant editors, as more simple .cfg file adjustments don't give you very much leeway to make crucial changes.
It's more for the eye than appropriate for actual training preparation I would say. However, I'd recommend you this addon (payware):
The flight dynamics have often been described as highly accurate by actual CRJ pilots... which might make it a worthwhile investment for you. It also has a photoreal cockpit with basic features such as a lite FMS, FADEC, etc
About the 2D panel, locate the panel folder of the respective aircraft, and check in the panel.cfg what panel it is associated to. Change it accordingly. I can only speculate about the correct method here though since I haven't used FSX in months.
I hope this helps.

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