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My Traffic With UT2

Mon May 09, 2011 1:18 am

I posted this on the UT2 forums with no response so maybe someone here with MyTrafficX can help me. I am looking at adding My traffic to FSX. I already have Ultimate Traffic 2 but as many may know UT2 even though very realistic and good for major hubs is missing a lot of smaller airlines and even cargo airlines like Fedex and UPS. I would like to add Mytraffic so I can have these airlines and have military traffic and other type of traffic UT2 does not have. My question is, is it possible to turn off certain airlines in My Traffic. Of course I do not want two AA or two BA's flights plans running around, I also would need to turn off one of the GA's flights plans. Any info on this?
Also is it easy to add and edit flight plans in mytraffic. UT2 makes it easy but very time consuming.

Thanks for the help.
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