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Airline Simulation 6 Question

Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:02 pm


Searched around a bit but found nothing. Earlier today I dug up an old game I haven't played in ages, Airline Simulation. I believe it's v6. I played it for a bit just for fun. I noticed a slightly annoying thing though, the aircraft data in some cases looks like it can't be right. I found several examples of this.

The 737-200Adv and 727-100 show similar ranges, pax capacities, etc., however the 737 lists as 2800kgs capacity in the pits (which in the game at least with 120 pax equals bags plus a couple hundred kg of cargo, which doesn't sound too far off) but the 727-100 only allows for 1500kg, which seems to cover bags but doesn't leave any room at all for cargo. Surely the 727 can fit some cargo in the pits? Also, when I tried some freighters I configured an HS-748 for no seats and it resulted in a cargo load that was actually pretty similar to what a real HS-748 would carry in this configuration. I tried the same thing with a 727-200, and it wouldn't carry remotely close to what a real 727 could carry.

Anyone know a trick to fixing this sort of thing? I'm sure the newer versions are better, but for how little I play computer games I really can't come close to justifying spending money on it.

What could possibly go wrong?

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