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What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:48 am

I started to collect diecast models this past August and have already:

Inflight 1:200 KLM ASIA 747-400M
Ifnflight 1:200 BA 747-400
Gemini 200 AA 777
Gemini 200 CO 777
Gemini 200 BA 777
Gemini 200 DL 763
Gemini 200 CO 737-800
Gemini 200 KL 737-700

What models do you have?
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:03 pm

I have 2 Gemini Jetblue A320s and also a Gemini Delta Boeing 777-200LR ( I still keep this 1 in the box )
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Dec 26, 2011 7:38 pm

I don't have a lot of diecast aircraft, but there are some:

Herpa 1:500
Lufthansa 747-400 (Star Alliance)
Lufthansa A340-300 (World Cup 2006)
Japan Airlines 747-300 (Reso'cha)
Thomas Cook/Condor 767-300

Herpa 1:400
Southwest 737-700 (Maryland One)

GeminiJets 1:400
Delta MD-11 (1997 livery)
Delta 767-300 (Habitat for Humanity)
Delta A330-300
Delta 727-200 set of three

My main interest is model kits, and my current collection is about 45 or so:
Italeri 1:72 KC-135R
Minicraft DC-8-63/71 (Eastern/Delta)
Minicraft 757-200 (United Saul Bass)
Minicraft 737-300 (Delta)
Minicraft B-52H Stratofortress (1960s USAF version)
Zvezda Tu-154M (Aeroflot 1980s)
Zvezda 787-8 (Dreamliner livery)
Revell Caravelle III (Swissair)
Revell Bell 206 (German police)
Minicraft 777-200 (American)
Revell 747-400 (Lufthansa)
Revell Lockheed Constellation L-1049 (Lufthansa)
Hasegawa 767-200 (American)
Hasegawa A321-100 (American)
Airfix Fokker F-27 (NLM)
Revell SR-71 Blackbird
Revell Canadair Challenger
Testors F-117A (USAF)
Revell DC-3 (DDA)
Minicraft DC-4 (Cargo carrier)
Airfix A300-203 (Lufthansa)
Minicraft 727-200 (TWA/Pan Am)
Glencoe Vickers Viscount (Capital Airlines)
Airfix L-1011 TriStar (TWA)
Minicraft MD-80 (Midwest Express)

Some have probably been left off the list. In addition, I have a few plastic display models:

Midwest 717-200 (1:130)
Air Canada A340-300
Delta 757-200
US Airways 737-300
Air Canada Jazz CRJ-705

Delta 767-300
Flybe DHC-8 Q400

I think that's most of them!
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:14 pm

SCHABAK 1/600:

Braathens S.A.F.E B737 200

HERPA 1/500:

Air New Zealand A 320 ( Lord of the Rings markings )
Air New Zealand B 767 300 ( Lord of the Rings markings )
Air New Zealand B 747 400 ( Lord of the Rings markings )
Air New Zealand B 747 400 ( Lord of the Rings markings ) 2
Air New Zealand B 747 400 ( Regulare markings )
Air New Zealand B 767 300 with winglets ( Regulare markings )


Air New Zealand B 747 400 ( All Blacks markings )

STAR JETS 1/400:

SAS - Scandinavian Airline System MD 90 ( Special markings )

HERPA 1/500:

SAS - Scandinavian Airline System B 737 600
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System A 319 60th Anniversary retro colors
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System Douglas DC 8-55
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System A 321
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System MD 87
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System MD 81 ( Striped belly markings )
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System B 767 300 ER ( Striped belly markings )
SAS - Scandinavian Airline System A 340 300

Norwegian B 737 300 Sonja Henie
Norwegian B 737 800 ( 6000th 737 markings )

KLM Cityhopper F 50
KLM Cityhopper F 70
KLM B 737 700
KLM MD 11 Audrey Hepburn
KLM B 747 400
KLM B 777 300
KLM B 747 400 Rio de Janeiro
KLM A 330 200

Airfrance A 380 800
Airfrance A 321

Air Tahiti ATR 72 500

Air Tahiti Nui A 340 200


Air Tahiti Nui A 340 300

HERPA 1/500:

American Airlines MD 82
American Airlines B 727 200
American Airlines A 300 600
American Airlines B 767 300
American Airlines MD 11

Mexicana B 727 200

Sabena B 737 200

Brussels Airlines BAe 146 300

Iberia MD 87

Delta B 767 300

British Airways B 737 400 ( Landor markings )
British Airways B 757 200 ( Landor markings )

Scanair DC 10

Bangkok Airways ATR 72

THai Airways B 747 400
Thai Airways A 300 600 ( Star Alliance livery )

Lufthansa CityLine F 50
Lufthansa CityLine CRJ 700
Lufthansa CityLIne CRJ 700 ( 50 Jahre )
Lufthansa A 319 100

Varig B 777 200
Varig MD 11

Aero Mexico DC 9 10

SCHABAK 1/500:

Varig MD 11

AERO 500:

Aero Mexico DC 10

BIG BIRD 1/500:

Pan Am B 747 100 / 200

INFLIGHT 500 1/500:

Pan Am B 727 200

HERPA 1/500:

NATO Boeing E A Sentry AWACS - 25 Years NATO E A Component

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:58 pm

Off the top of my head;

Monarch A330-200
Airtours B767-300
Airtours 757-200
MyTravel A321
MyTravel A320
Ryanair 737-800
Easyjet A319

i have a few others but they are boxed up from recently moving house.

Not really a model collector, but i like them all the same
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:51 am

oo just remembered I have a Song 757 as well
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:54 pm

EK A388
LH A388
SQ A388
TG A388
NZ 744
NZ 733
SQ 77W

A few others as well that I can't remember at the moment
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:39 pm

I'm into the Hasegawa 1:200 scale but haven't had the pleasure of putting them together yet. When I do I plan on making a TWA fantasy fleet.

F100/70 (if I can find them) 
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:37 am

Quoting PC12Fan (Reply 7):
I'm into the Hasegawa 1:200 scale but haven't had the pleasure of putting them together yet. When I do I plan on making a TWA fantasy fleet.

F100/70 (if I can find them)

I've thought about it too. I do have a Hasegawa TWA MD90 in the 1980's colors, It looks good. Unfortunately Hasegawa does not make an F100 or F70 and neither a 757. I've got fantasy fleets of Eastern, Western, PSA and National using Hasegawa aircraft. With Eastern and Western I mostly just create a whole new paint scheme.

My total count including ones I've built and diecast or plastic was last around 296 but I believe I've added about 20 more since then.

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:25 pm

Too many to list. I collect mainly 1:400s.

Air Asia
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A320-200 9M-AFW "WilliamsF1" colours

Air Canada
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200LR C-FIUA
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200LR C-FIUJ
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER C-FIVS "Vancouver 2010" livery

Air New Zealand
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200ER ZK-OKG
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER ZK-OKM
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER ZK-OKO

Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 767-300ER JA619A
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER JA778A
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 787-8 JA801A

Boeing house livery
Jet-X 1:400 Boeing 747-400 N401PW
Jet-X 1:400 Boeing 747-400 N747ER
Dragon Wings 1:400 Boeing 747-8 N6067E
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 747-8 N6067E
Gemini Jets 1:400 Boeing 777-200LR N60659
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER N5017V
Herpa 1:500 Boeing 777-300
Hogan 1:200 Boeing 747-8

British Airways
Gemini Jets 1:400 BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde G-BOAA "red tail" colours
Gemini Jets 1:400 BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde G-BOAE "United Kingdom" colours
Herpa 1:400 BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde G-BOAD "United Kingdom" colours
Herpa 1:400 BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde G-BOAE "Landor" colours

Cathay Pacific
Aeroclassics 1:400 Boeing 707-300C VR-HGP
BigBird 1:400 Boeing 747-200 VR-HKG
BigBird 1:400 Boeing 747-400F VR-HUH
BigBrid 1:400 Boeing 747-400 B-HOY "Asia's World City" colours
Herpa 1:400 Boeing 747-400 B-HUG
Herpa 1:400 Boeing 747-400 B-HUI
Magic 1:400 Boeing 747-400 VR-HUE
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200 B-HNB
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300 B-HNH
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER B-KPA
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER B-KPF "Asia's World City" colours
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER B-KPL "Oneworld" colours
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A330-300 B-LAD "100th Aircraft" colours
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A340-200 VR-HMS
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A340-200 VR-HMT
Aeroclassics 1:400 Airbus A340-200 VR-HMR
Aeroclassics 1:400 Airbus A340-200 VR-HMT

Continental Airlines
Gemini Jets 1:400 Boeing 777-200ER N27015

Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200ER A6-EMI
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200LR A6-EWC
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A340-500 A6-ERJ

Hong Kong Airlines
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A330-200 B-LND

Japan Airlines
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 767-300ER JA654J

Dragon Wings 1:400 Boeing 747-400 VH-OJA
1:250 Boeing 747-400 VH-OJA
Dragon Wings 1:400 Boeing 747-400 VH-OEB "Oneworld" colours
Gemini Jets 1:400 Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEE
Gemini Jets 1:400 Boeing 767-200ER VH-EAL
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 767-300ER VH-OGD
Gemini Jets 1:400 Airbus A330-200 VH-EBG
Gemini Jets 1:400 Boeing 737-800 VH-VZC

Singapore Airlines
Jet-X 1:400 Boeing 747-200 9V-SQS
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 747-400 9V-SPQ
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200ER 9V-SQA "50th anniversary" livery
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200ER 9V-SQH
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-200ER 9V-SQI
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300 9V-SYE "Star Alliance" livery
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER 9V-SWD
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER 9V-SWH
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A330-300 9V-STA
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A330-300 9V-STH
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A340-500 9V-SGA
Phoenix 1:400 Airbus A340-500 9V-SGD

Virgin Australia
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 737-800 VH-YFC
Phoenix 1:400 Boeing 777-300ER VH-VOZ

If it isn't already obvious, I'm a bit of a 777 fanboy. I hope to get more 1:400 777s than EK have real 777s  
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:59 pm

Have really started collecting seriously in the past year - some highlights include DC-10s of Laker, Hawaii Express, Air Florida, Biman Bangladesh and McDD house colours. Lots of 707s. 727-200s of Ariana Afghan, Ozark, Planet, Ansett. 747-200s of Thai, Korean Air Lines ("I heart NY"), Air Siam, Air Algerie. BA 777-200.

Recently discovered an extraordinary model shop in MBK Mall in Bangkok, went crackers buying mostly logojets - although I just realised now: Ansett 747-400 (Sydney 2000), Koreanair 747-400 (British Museum "Passionate Wings To Culture"), Etihad A340-600 (Formula One - just flew it!), Delta Air Lines 767-200 ("Spirit Of Delta"), Thai A300-600R (not logojet, just gorgeous current TG livery).

I warn you, once you get started, it's pretty addictive!
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:59 am

I have 211 models mostly 1/400 and they can be see on Wings900.com under Rdhard with a value of 5800.00.This is a great website to manage all your models or even purchase ones you are looking for,yes its a very addictive hobby!!
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:30 am

My favorite is my 1/100 United 727 in grey colors from Atlantic Models.

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:37 pm

My growing collections currently totals about forty, a listing of which can be found at diecastaircraftforum.com under the username WALmsp. Most of my collection consists of Western Airlines aircraft, mostly 1/400 and 6 larger mahogany models. Not quite up to the numbers of rdhamr309, but give me time…
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:47 pm

I have slightly varied collection:

Gemini 400

Air 2000: 757-200
American Airlines: MD-11
British Airways (Landor) : 767-300ER
Laker Skytrain: DC10
Openskies: 757-200W
Sun Country: DC10

Gemini 200

British Airways (Retrojet): 757-200 (The prize of my collection as I was able to fly on her in this scheme before her retirement)
Delta Air LInes (Skyteam): 757-200W


Air France: 777-200ER
American Airlines: 767-300ER
Delta Air Lines: A320-200
Delta Air Lines: 777-200LR
Jet2Manchester: 737-300
Monarch: A330-200
US Airways: 767-200

Others (Unknown manufacturers)
Airtours International: A330-200
Britannia Airways: 767-200ER
3xBritish Airways (All schemes): Concorde
Supermarine Spitfire
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:50 pm

Only the larger models interest me personally: 1:100.
Damn, they are expensive!

Once in a while I treat myself to one; so my humble collection consist of only:

KLM B744
KLM B772
KLM EMB 190.

I guess the A333 from KLM is next.

They are all displayed "flying" around the house.

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:30 pm

Too many to list but they say a pic is worth a thousand words:

Untitled by jwhite9185002, on Flickr

Plenty of VS, BA, EZY in there plus a few more from various other airlines.
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:44 pm

My current collection is pretty small compared to that of most others here, but i hope it will grow larger.

1X Airbus A380-841 Lufthansa D-AIMA
2X Airbus A320-232 Air New Zealand ZK-OAB
1X BAe 146/Avro RJ Continental Airlines (though i'm pretty sure CO never operated any)
I also had a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400 but haven't seen it in a decade  

Airbus A320-211 Northwest Airlines
Airbus A320-211 ANA
Airbus A321-211 Air France F-GTAH
Airbus A321-231 Lufthansa D-AIRB
Airbus A340-313X Austrian Airlines OE-LAL
Airbus A380-841 Airbus Colours F-WWOW
BAe 146-200 Eurowings/Lufthansa D-AJET
Bombardier Challenger 601 Luftwaffe
Boeing 737-8K5 TUIfly D-AHFM Haribo Livery
McDonnel Douglass F4 Phantom USAF
Saab JAS39 Gripen

As you can see I am a wee bit biased towards Airbus   

Quoting jwhite9185 (Reply 16):
Too many to list but they say a pic is worth a thousand words:

That is very impressive. I hope oneday my collection will become that size.  
Most recent planes I've been in: A318 F-GUGQ, A319 F-GRHR, A320ceo D-AIZH, A320neo D-AINE, A330-300 VH-QPD, A350-900 B-LRA, A380-800 D-AIMH, 737-600 LN-RPA, 737-700 OY-JTY, 737-800 LN-NGA, 767-300 ZK-NCI, 777-200 ZK-OKD, 787-9 ZK-NZH PW94
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:11 am

Quoting UltimateDelta (Reply 2):
Hasegawa A321-100 (American)

How can there be such a kit since American doesn't have A321s yet? If the kit exists already, is the airplane painted in silver or in light gray like the A300s used to be?

Ben Soriano
Ben Soriano
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:06 am

How come almost nobody here builds any models? Nothing against die cast, but give building a try!

Kits I have built.

*Zvezda TU-154M ...Aeroflot
*Zvezda Il-86...Aeroflot
*Eastern Express IL-96...Aeroflot
*Eastern Express IL-96...used Eastern Airlines decals for a "what if" model
*Eastern Express IL-96...I "westernized" this model and used P&W engines and Northeast "Yellowbird" decals
*MInicraft Boeing 757...Eastern
*Minicraft Boeing 727-200...Eastern
*Minicraft Boeing 727-200 FedEx (aftermarket decals)
*Minicraft Boeing 727-200...Braniff (Aftermarket decals)
*MPC DC-9-30...Eastern
*Airfix A300...Eastern
*Minicraft Boeing 707-320B...VIP USAF
*Revell Boeing 720B...Braniff (aftermarket decals)
*Revell L-1011...Eastern
*Hobbycraft L-1011...PSA

*Revell Boeing 747-100's (came from the Space Shuttle and 747 combo kits)..Built one Braniff "big orange", one in 70's/80's TWA markings...and one for National Airlines.

*Sasquatch/Revell Boeing 747SP...wings, engines, gear are Revell, fusalage and tail are Sasquatch. Used Braniff decals.

Zvezda IL-96 400M...in fantasy PAN AM markings.
Minicraft Boeing 757...Northeast "yellowbird" fantasy what if.
Revell Concorde...Braniff
Revell Bae146..Eurowings
Revell A380...Eastern Airlines "what if"
Revell Canadair private jet
Minicraft DC-8-63 Eastern Airlines
....all above are 1:144 scale.

also built are these:
Monogram DC-3 PSA not sure the scale...slightly larger than 1:144.
Hasagawa DC-9-50...USAF 1:200

Unbuilt kits

2 X Zvezda SSJ-100 Sukhoi Superjets
Zvezda Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Revell AN-124
Eastern Express Il-96-400
AZ Models TU-134
Revell Boeing 737-800
Revell Boeing 2707 SST twin kits

all above are 1:144 scale

also have several B-25 kits and a few Hasagawa 737-200 kits

Die cast I have some...a Gemini Jets Northwest 787, quite a few 747's, and a bunch other types.
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:22 am

F-100 Super Saber
F-101 Voodoo
F-104 Starfighter
F-105 ThunderChief
F-106 Delta Dart
F-14 Tomcat
F-15 Eagle
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-117 Stealth Fighter
SR-71 Blackbird
A-6 Intruder
A-7 Corsair
F-8 Crusader
X-3 Stilhetto
D-21 Drone
AH-64 Apache
Ford Trimotor
T-6 Texan
Saturn V

All 1:72 cept the Saturn V which is 1:144
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:57 am

Here is the few I have. They are not all the same scale.

Photo quality isn't the best, should have used a proper camera and not the iphone.








Here are a few kits I have to build. The airliners are 1:144 scale and all those aircraft are flying or have flown in Australia. So once built won't look like the photo on the box.

The few 1:72 scale kits, me 262, lightning, islander and dh 89 are dad's kits.


if the photobucket links don't work, here is a facebook album.
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:39 pm

I have 7 models in my living room. Each side of the fire place is a QF380 model (Brought onboard a QF380 on the 31st) and a BA380. Underneath my wall map is a small shelf holding 2 of my best models, a Danair 727 and a Delta DC10.

Above the kitchen Cupboard is TF-AME in Travelcity colours, a BA747 and a BA 777
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:09 pm

My collection has expanded somewhat since the last time I posted here, so I thought I'd update it!

Collection sorted by aircraft type:

Boeing 777 - yes, I'm a bit of a 777 fanboy  http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb465/CXB77L/IMG_3030.jpg

Boeing 747

Boeing 737, 767 and 787

Airbus A320, A330 and A340

Boeing house livery

Collection sorted by airline:

Cathay Pacific

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 777 fanboy
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:55 pm

On New Years Day I had over 525 models ranging from 1:600 scale to a 1:50 scale A330-200 in Delta's current livery. After selling a lot of my collection on eBay and to my facebook friends, I'm down to about 410-420 models. My biggest collections are still TWA, Western Airlines, Northwest, America West, and US Airways. I got rid of my entire collection of Continental Airlines models a few weeks ago, save for a 1:400 737-200 in the old meatball scheme from Aeroclassics. I've posted a few pics on here before, I'll repost if I can find 'em.
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri May 04, 2012 6:00 pm

I started collecting 1/400 scale diecast models about 4 years ago and 1/200 about 2 years ago and have amassed a collection of some 300+ models. I focus maimly on airlines of North and Central America and the Caribbean, although I do have a substantial number covering the rest of the world. Some of my most treasured items include;

Cayman Airways - B737-200
Air Jamaica - B727-200
BWIA - B727-100
Bahamasair - HS748 and Viscount 700
Trans Caribbean - B727-200
Southern Airways - DC9

In addition to these, I am also trying to collect a model of every aircraft type operated by Cayman Airways. Although normally in 1/100 scale, a few of them are in larger scales, all sourced from Atlantic Models of Miami Florida. They are a great outfit and I highly recommend them if you ever want a special model. My collection includes;

DHC-6 Twin Otter

Waiting on delivery of the BAC1-11 and HS748.

I am also looking for a company that may have a mould of the Britten-Norman Trislander to make one for me. If anyone is aware of one, please pass on the information to me.
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri May 04, 2012 10:15 pm

Quoting American 767 (Reply 18):
How can there be such a kit since American doesn't have A321s yet?

I guess I should explain...it started out as a Lufthansa plane, but it was one of the first ones I built without help, and the paint and decals didn't turn out so well. So I simply repainted it and made it a fictional American aircraft.
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon May 07, 2012 5:30 pm

Quoting CXB77L (Reply 9):

I flew that exact 777-300 from NRT to HKG last month! What a coincidence.  
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon May 07, 2012 5:38 pm

I've got around 400 Herpa 1:500 models, a little over 10 1:200 models from various companies, a Revell 1:140 Airbus A320 from Condor I built and painted by myself, and a Herpa Lufthansa A340-300 in 1:200. Yes, when I was a kid I spent all my money on aircraft models. 
I stopped collecting Herpa in the early 2000's though, when their prices became pretty much in Euro what they used to be in Deutsche Mark before.
Will post some pictures later.

Right now I'm thinking of spending my Miles and More on a Herpa 1:200 model of the B747-800 in Lufthansa colors. Since they're worthless anyway these days...
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Tue May 08, 2012 11:29 am

Okay, I warned you. Here's my collection of airplane models. I have another ~50 Herpa 1:500 models stored, since they don't fit into any of my showcases anymore... 

Showcase No.1 - Herpa 1:500 models from the US, my DC-10 collection and British Airways:



Showcase No.2 - Herpa 1:500 models from Europe and my whole Lufthansa fleet:



Showcase No.3 - Herpa 1:500 models from the rest of the world:



Showcases No.4 and 5 - Herpa 1:500 models that didn't fit into the other showcases anymore:


My Condor 1:140 from Revell, self-painted and built, and my 1:200 A330-300 from LTU:

The rest of my 1:200 on-board-sale collection (I have some more stored somewhere that I don't have any space for):


And my Herpa 1:200 Lufthansa A340-300:
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:36 am

1. 1/48 scale:
AC-130 Hercules Spectre

2. 1/72 scale:
B727-200 with AA decals

B707-300, with BOAC/AF and TWA decals(Starstream and Twin stripes)

Boeing E-3D with RAF AEW
E-3A with NATO and USAF markings

DC-130A with USN
C-130E with USAF markings

C-130H with USCG markings
C-130H RNZAF and USAF markings

Boeing C-135 with French Armed Forces markings
KC-135A USAF and RSAF markings(Very rare kit)
NKC-135A USAF markings
RC-135D with USAF Snoopy markings
EC-135B with USAF markings
KC-135R with USAF

3. 1/100 scale:

MDC DC10 with Laker and AA markings(I have NW/KL Alliance and Bowling shoe aftermarket decals in box)
B727-200 with UA and AA markings
B727-200 with UA only markings
B727-200 with JL and UA "

B727-200 with NH(Old and current) markings(1990 issue)
B707-300C with AF-1, LH, PA and TW markings
B707-300 with Luftwaffe markings
B707-300 with E-3/EC-137D(AWACS prototype)
B737-200 with Pacific Western, Wardair and Canadi>n International markings(Canadian model with Nitto molds)

4. 1/144 Scale:

B747-100 in UA and FT

B707-400 with BOAC markings
B707-400Snap N Glue with BA markings(Had the short-lived "sticker"-type decals) Same as above except had the reissue regular decals.
VC10 with BA markings
VC10 with RAF markings(euro-camoflage markings
VC10 with RAF (updated markings from 2000's)
L1011 Tristar in Negus BA markings(1970s model)
L1011 Tristar in a bag with with aftermarket Landor BA-BA(irtours) and detail decal sheet
B747-100 with BA (Negus) markings
B747-100 with BA (Landor) "
HS Trident with BA decals(also have BEA flag decals included in box)
BAe 111 with BCal markings
B727-100 with TW(starstream) markings

US Airfix
B727-100 with AA markings

B747-400 with BA(Landor)
DC10 with BA and MP markings
DC10 with Condor markings
DC10 with Laker markings
B747-100 with Space-Shuttle
KC-135 with USAF
E-3 AWACs with USAF & NATO
B727-100 in LH markings
B720-030B in LH markings(This actually a 707-100B in LH, which LH never had, and the reg is that of a 707-400)
L1011 Tristar with BA/LTU
Concorde in BA and AF markings
C-5A Galaxy in USAF MAC colours
C-5B Galaxy in USAF "Flying PIckle" colours

C-5A USAF MAC colours

C-5B in USAF "Flying Pickle"

B747-100 in TW (starstream)
DC10 with UA markings

B707-300B in PA
B707-300C in NW
B707-300B in AF-1
B707-300 in TW
B707-400 in LH
B707-400 in BA
B707-300C in Flying Tigers
B727-200 in TW(Experimental)
B727-200F in USPS markings
Douglas DC8-63CF in EA markings

B727-100 in WardAir markings
Concorde in BA(Negus) and AF, Very limited run, but very detailed

5. 1/200 Scale:

B747-100 in AF markings
B747-100 in UA
B747-100 in NW
B747-100 in NH
B747-200 in SQ
B747-300 in SQ "Big Top"
B747-300 in QF
B747-300 in KL
B747-400 in JL
B747-400 in NW
MD11 in AA
B747-400 in QF
L1011 in BA(Negus)
L1011 in TW
DC10 in NW
DC10 in KL
B737-200 in BA(Negus)
B727-200 in AS
B727-200 in NW
B727-200 in AA
B727-200 in purple box, no markings

B707-300 in USN resin kit(E-6B Tacamo with CFM56 engines)
B707-300 in USAF resin kit(E-8C JSTARS with JT3D engines)

DC8-61 in JL markings(70s)
Concorde in AF, BA(Chatham)and Experimental

C-141A Starlifter in Vietnam silver and MAC colours
C-141B Starlifter in MAC and AMC euro-cam colours
These are all the kits i've collected over the years.

Wooster Models
From BA duty-free trolly from 1982-1989
1/250B747-200, (Negus)
1/250 B747-200, Cargo titles
1/250 B747-200, (Landor)
1/250 B747-200, in Negus Airtours
1/250 B747-200, in Landor Airtours
1/250 L1011 in Landor
1/250 L1011 in Airtours, Negus
1/250 Concorde,
1/200 B111 in Landor
B737-200 in Airtours(Negus)
1/250 DC10 in Landor

1/200 B747-400 in Boeing house
1/200 B747-8 in Dreamliner colours
1/144 B707 in 1980s Boeing colours
1/250 B747-400 in EV
1/200 B727-200 in RC(Herman)
1/200 B727 in Hughes Airwest
1/250 in Laker
1/200 in EA

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:35 pm

I have:

1/250 Finnair A330-300 (new livery)
1/250 Finnair A340-300 (new livery)

1/200 Finnair Embraer 170 (old livery)


1/200 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER (Asia's World City livery)
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:53 pm


AF 777
NZ 777

AF 380
Airbus colors 380

AF 744
SA 743
Swiss 742
Boeing colors 748
QF 744

US 330
EK 330
CY 330

EK 345
RJ 340

Boeing colors 787
Boeing colors 737

EY 320

AS 737

AZ 747
AZ MD-11
AZ MD-82
AZ 320
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:59 pm

I have been collecting for years. I have military, civilian and airliner models. Currently, I have ~400 models on display between my home office and upstairs loft. I am trying to figure out a way to properly display my 1/100 747s, A330s and A340s. For now they are boxed and stored. I would estimate that I have ~700-800 aircraft models. Here is some recent pictures of the loft and the shelves I made for the models:



Here is an older picture of the home office. We bought the furniture when we were stationed in Germany. I have switched the models out recently. On the right I now have a bunch of SR-71s. I have all 7 of the 1/72 century wings SR-71s. Great models!


Some of the prized models are all the Herpa Premium 747s in 1/200 scale. I have 2 of each Lufthansa bird and the ANZ and KLM birds. Beautiful models. I also have the 1/72 B-2A model that Northrop presented to the USAF of the Spirit of America when it was named at Langley AFB in July 2000. That is probably my favorite model because of the history and that it was made by Northrop for the occasion!

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:48 pm

my models is only Herpa Premium:

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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:04 pm


Qantas 747-400 Herpa (1:400 or 1:500)
Continental 777-200 Skymarks 1:200 N78001
United 787-8 Hogan
Boeing 767-200 Flight Miniatures house livery
Continental MD-80 Skymarks
Northwest A319 Gemini Jets N328NB
Continental 757-300 N75851
American Airlines Retro 757-200
Cathy Pacific 747-400BCF
Continental Airlines 767-400 Flight Miniatures
Continental Airlines 727 Flight Miniatures
Continental Airlines A300 Model Flight Mindatures
AirTran Airways 717-200 XM Radio Skymarks
Lufthansa A380-800
Continental Airlines 737-700 1:100
AirTran Airways 737-700
Southwest Airlines 737-700 Skymarks
Continental Airlines 777-200 Herpa N78004
Continental Airlines Peter Max 777-200 Herpa N77014
United Airlines 747-400 Post CO Merger Colors N127UA Gemini Jets
Boeing 777-300 House Colors Herpa
Continental Airlines 777-200 Peter Max 1:200
Continental Airlines Retro 737-900ER N75436 Skymarks 1:130
American Airlines 777-200 Skymarks 1:200
American Airlines 737-800 Hogan 1:200
British Airways 787-8 1:200

Needed: A Frontier Airlines model and Delta Airlines
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:15 am

New Ray 1:1100
Lufthansa A380-800
SCHABAK 1:600:
Lufthansa Italia A319
Lufthansa A380-800
Cyprus Airways A330-200
Kuwait Airways A340-300
Kuwait Airways B777-200
Etihad A340-300
Alitalia B777-200
Lufthansa Junkers Ju-52
Herpa 1:500:
Southwest B737-700
Lufthansa A321
Lufthansa B747-8
Gemini Jets 1:400:
US Airways Express CRJ-700
Etihad A330-300
Dragon Wings 1:400
Travel Service A330-300
Schabak 1:250:
Air France Concorde
Hogan 1:250
Airbus House Colors A380-800
Lufthansa A320

plus lots of die-cast TOYS
A300/319/320/321/332/333/343/346 B732/738/744/752/762/763/772/773 CRJ200/700/900 ERJ140/145/170/175 MD88
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:16 pm

Just one , the graceful BOAC Super VC!0
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RE: What Airplane Models Do You Have?

Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:40 pm

My collection is a modest one. The planes I have bought, I purchased for purely personal reasons, usually aircraft I have flown on in my younger years and with which I have positive memories (1:400, unless noted):

GJ United DC-8-11 (delivery scheme) (my first flight)
GJ United DC-8-61 (delivery scheme)
GJ Pan American Boeing 707-321B (delivery scheme)
InFlight 500 Air-India Boeing 707-337B
InFlight 500 Swissair Convair CV990
GJ Swissair DC-8-30 (delivery scheme)
GJ Alitalia DC-8-40 (delivery scheme)
GJ 200 KLM DC-8-14 (delivery scheme)
GJ KLM DC-8-63 (delivery scheme
GJ Tower Air Cargo Boeing 747-121 (formerly N743PA, the first 747 I flew on - still in service 2011!))
InFlight200 Pan Am 747-121 (delivery scheme) (my first Boeing 747)
InFlight500 KLM 747-206B (delivery scheme)
GJ United Boeing 747-122 (Stars and Bars)
GJ SABENA Boeing 747-129 (OO-SGB)
GJ Laker DC-10-10
Aviation 400 British Airtours Boeing 707-336B (last 707 flight - "Penthouse interior")
Hogan (1:200) Continental Boeing 757-224

InFlight500 TWA CV880 (visited at museum)
GJ El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 707-458 (visited at museum)
Hobby Master Douglas DC-4 "Sprit of Freedom" (visited at several air shows)
GJ British Airways Concorde (G-BOAD) (Intrepid Museum) currently seeking G-BOAE

Next come my two themes. First, "survivors," rare types still flying or in existence:
GJ PBA DC-3 (1:250)
Corgi Braniff Lockheed L-749 Constellation (1:144) (on display in Bolivia)
Hobby Master British Eagle DC-6A (1:200) (on dislpay in UK)
Hobby Master LH Lockheed L-1049G Constellation (1:200)
Hobby Master Varig Lockheed L-188 Electra (1:200)
GJ ORBIS DC-8 and DC-10 (I also flew on that DC-10 when she was with Laker)
InFlight 200 Varig Boeing 707-345C (still with PAX seats and flying for the Brazilian AF)
Aeroclassics Thai DC-8-62 (OY-KTE, still flying PAX as a combi with ATI)
GJ Ariana Afghan Boeing 727-228
Aeroclassics Boeing 747-121 (house colors - rollout scheme)
Aviation 400 (?) Boeing 747-121 (GE scheme)
GJ Biman Bangladesh DC-10-30
Aviation 400 Iran Air Boeing 747-268B
GJ Iran Air Boeing 747-SP86
InFlight 500 Boeing 747-451 (Boeing house colors)
Aeroclassics HS Trident 1, Pakistani (now on display at Datangshan)
Aeroclassics HS Trident 2, BEA (Duxford)
GJ HS Trident 3, BEA (Manchester)
GJ BOAC Bristol Britannia (Cosford)
ModelPower YS-11 (house colors)
Hobby Master BOAC Douglas DC-7C (never converted to freight - cockpit preserved)
Aeroclassics Finnair DC-9-14 (OH-LYC)

Next, random planes I like or are representations of types
Aeroclassics DH Comet 4 (BOAC/AIr Ceylon)
Aeroclassics BOAC Vickers Super VC-10
StarJets Ghana Airways Standard VC-10
GJ BOAC Boeing 747-136 (delivery scheme - built the Airfix kit many, many years ago)
Aeroclassics Ethiopian Boeing 720-024B
GJ Ethiopian Boeing 767-300
GJ Delta Boeing 757-231W
Aeroclassics TAT Fokker F-27
GJ Swissair DC-6B
HobbyMaster PAA Boeing 377 Statocruiser (1:200)
ModelPower BA Concorde
ModelPower MU-2
ModelPower Boeing 314 Clipper
ModelPower TWA Super G Constellation
ModelPower TWA Boeing 307 Stratoliner
ModelPower TWA DC-2 (1:200)
ModelPower Air France Caravelle (1:200)
ModelPower Irish Fokker 50 (1:200)
ModelPower Kawanishi Flying Boat
ModelPower Savoia-Marchetti SX-55
Corgi PAA 747-121
Corgi BA Concorde
Corgi Western DC-3 (1:144)
GJ BOAC Boeing 707-336 (1960s colors)
GJ Boeing TWA 707-331B (Twin Stripes)
GJ Air France Boeing 707-328B (delivery colors)
Aeroclassics Iberia DC-9-54 (delivery colors)
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