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Airport Cut-Outs

Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:33 pm

Hi folks,
I wanted to show everyone some artwork I've been creating recently. I've been hand-drawing and hand cutting airport diagrams from watercolor paper. They end up being really beautiful pieces that tell a story about the airport not easily seen from the ground or even the air. The lattice work of taxiways, runways and aprons become stunning.

So far I've completed SFO, JFK, MKE, ATL, PDX, SEA and PHL. I've attached a few shots of the airports here.
Sometimes I sandwich the maps between two pieces of acrylic so it can be mounted on the wall. The one's I've made so far are about 10x10 inches (the ones shown here are about 16x16). I'm in the process of making larger ones and am planning other surprises for the diagrams too.

If these interest you and you'd like to see more, please message me! I'm selling the ones mounted in acrylic for $75. Without acrylic they're $50. If you have an airport you'd like or specifications for size and mounting, please contact me. I can create any airport in the world!

Have a great day!


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RE: Airport Cut-Outs

Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:31 am

So, I think you disappeared off the face of the planet. Sent a few PMs...
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