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FS9 Wilco Airbus A330/340 Systems Simulated?

Tue May 01, 2012 2:34 pm

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing this add on to replace my venerable PSS A330/340, and wanted a few questions answered (I've searched high and low and can't get a definitive answer):

Now, I'm not too bothered about visual model accuracy, but I really want the systems to be as real as possible. The PSS MCDU is pretty good, but the E/WD and system pages are pretty crap. Is the Wilco any better in this situation? For example, If I were to switch off the Blue Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump using the Overhead pushbutton (A340), would the relevant ECAM alerts show:


and the Status Display:

MAX BRK PR...........1000PSI


I have seen that some of the ECAM alerts are better such as the A/FLT AP OFF message etc, but I want it to be as real as possible (well it is a simulator.......) as well as cascading and dependent failures - within reason of course  

Also, how buggy is the latest download release?

Finally, how does it stack up with framerates? I know it is system dependent, but I get a perfectly useable 20-30fps using the PSS 777 on FS9 with FSRealWX and around a busy airport such as CDG.

Any responses greatly appreciated 
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RE: FS9 Wilco Airbus A330/340 Systems Simulated?

Mon May 07, 2012 3:28 pm

It has been ages since i've last flown with the Wilco Airbus but have pulled her out of my vitual hangar. I'm much more into Boeing myself and Airbus has really been a while but based on your example i've done a test and i'd say you may wish to stick with your PSS.

This is on the expert level user experience in the Wilco configuration menu. On the HYD page i can see the PSI dropping however i get no ECAM alerts nor does the STS page show anything out of the ordinary. In fact nothing noticeable happens at all except on the HYD page. My gut feeling is Wilco made a nice package which will get you a reasonable way into the Airbus experience but it hasn't exactly delved into the heart of any systems and how they tie in together in case of problems. Depending on how much you value that this might make or break the plane for you.

I can't exactly comment on cascading and dependent failures but given the above i'd doubt this is what you're looking for. Note also Wilco doesn't have a failure setting menu so you'd have to go with whatever basics FS9 gives you to work with.

I don't recall any bugs which made it less enjoyable to fly or broke the aircraft but this may depend on your definition of bugs of course. I haven't really noticed any.

I run a decent system and don't recall having any frame rate issues. I'm working with Active Sky weather & have a lot of AI traffic filling my skies.

I have never tried the PSS Airbus but i hope this might still be helpful to you. The only thing i can tell you for certain is to stay away from the CLS Airbus 
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