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New Idea: Livery Challenge

Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:48 am

OK, I came up with this idea while going to sleep last night. I call the 'Livery Challenge.'

I (or whoever else might start such a thread) will give you the name of an airline, real OR FAKE, with a quick overview of their company and operations, including Hubs, Nationality, Carrier Type (LCC, Legacy, etc.) And aircraft operated.

YOU will design a livery and logo for the new airline (and optionally an Alliance Livery). You will have one week for submissions. Please post on this thread for all to see. We will than have a 1 week voting period. At the end, we will crown the Best Logo, Best Livery, and Best overall design, along with runner-ups. If there are enough alliance livery submissions, we will crown that too.

If this catches on, feel free to start one every few days. I will try to also. Make sure you number which challenge it is. (In order please!)

This one will be a real life one, that I thought quite appropriate for the time.

Carrier: American Airlines, Oneworld, United States, Legacy
American is a US Legacy carrier. They are particularly strong in the Southeast, Midwest, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Southwest. They operate a European Gateway from JFK Their current Livery is quite dated, and their Logo hasn't changed in a while also. You can easily find pics of their current Livery online. They are receiving many new aircraft in the coming years and are coming out of bankruptcy. It is a great time for a rebrand.

The submission window of he thread will end at 4:00 AM GMT, Mon Jan 14. Voting ends exactly one week later.

Note: You can submit any livery you have previously made or posted on or another site. But if you post something I or any others find out is stolen, you will he disqualified and shamed. Good Luck!!

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