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Aviation Colleges

Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:50 pm

Hello, aviation world, I am a junior in high school from Indiana! I recently started becoming interested in aviation. I am currently taking flying lessons, and I have 15 flight hours in! It's trully an amazing experience. Over the course of time, I have been strongly considering pursuing this as a career. The only problem is, I do not know what college I should go to. I have been looking into Purdue's aviation program, and it seems perfect, but is it the best choice?
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RE: Aviation Colleges

Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:28 pm

A better question is, is it best for you? Do you feel like you're going to get the experience you want out of it?

I'm a student at Lewis outside Chicago and the big thing I looked at was where would I be at my best? A big party school like SIU or a small catholic school like Lewis. For me the choice was clear, if I really wanted to focus on flying then Lewis would be the best choice.

I would look into the other school around Indiana like Lewis, SIU, Indiana State, Ohio State, and Western Michigan and then see which one you think you'll fit in best in. If its Perdue then great! Just look at the other schools out there before you make your decision, and make sure you can get out of it what you want to.
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RE: Aviation Colleges

Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:12 am

I go to Kent State in NE-OH and love the experience I've had so far. I'm currently a sophomore getting my instrument rating with about 120 hours.

Pros about KSU, amazing teachers, own private airport/maintence, FAA accredited, very short taxi times, close to different airspaces, relatively cheaper than other schools, new aviation building coming 2014, CAK is an awesome airport for flight training

Cons about KSU, in NEOH with typical NE US weather, Cleveland's class bravo, airport main building is old and small, ground schools are in double wides, all Cessna's with exception of two Seminoles, airport is a 3 mile drive (not that bad actually)

I chose KSU mainly because it is FAA accredited which is going to be a big help in the next few years when the 1500hr requirement goes into effect because it will provide some exceptions to the rule for us.

As far as near Indiana, the only one I really saw was Purdue. I hated the campus and the airport felt like an old time train station to me. Their fleet is nice with a wide variety and a lot of cirrus, but the thing that made me not want to go was the long wait time on the ground. I flew in there and ended up waiting 30min just idling waiting for a takeoff clearance because so many people just stay in the pattern. At Kent its a 2 minute taxi and takeoff. and you get more time in the air and behind the controls.
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RE: Aviation Colleges

Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:42 am

I go to university of north Dakota and am a commercial aviation student. Great school, great instructors, part 141 school. My parents lived in CT and came up here for school. Let my know if you have any questions!

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