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Airport Webcam Collection & Viewing Program

Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:01 am

Hi guys,

I've spent a bit of time putting together a comprehensive collection of streaming or fast-refreshing airport webcams for those who like to do a bit of what I call 'Remote Plane Spotting' !!.

There are lots of cams out there, but many don't refresh too frequently, and the majority are for airfields and quiet airstrips. My site features direct links to the webcam pages, but also details of camera location, views, time zone differences and direct links to flight schedules, live radar for each airport and audio availability at

Of possibly more interest to some of you, I have created a bundle of webcams which can be viewed in a simple program called Javacam, allowing automatic and reliable refreshing of webcam images, viewing of many cams simultaneously plus the option to rewind images and record into movies. The program and webcam bundle are available for free download on the site.

I hope you will find the page, links and program as useful as I do !

Web site:


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