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DC-10 Maintenance Query For Writing Project '919'

Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:00 pm

Hi there,

I hope I am in the right topic area for this.

I am a writer working on a sci-fi/horror novel centered around an 'unusual' DC-10-10. I've posted it on kickstarter. The reason I am here is that I will from time to time be looking for technical info of a general nature (and I will gratefully credit anyone who provides that). I don't want to get *too* technical as the purpose of the book is to entertain, but its good to have a better grounding in reality to make it more authentic. I am hoping these forums are a place I can turn to. I've followed them for years as I've always had a fascination with jets.. especially the classics.

Anyway, right now I'm working on a segment involving an airline mechanic who has volunteered some information via email about the fictional plane to the protagonist. I was hoping those in the know might not mind checking it out in this excerpt and let me know (and be brutally honest) if this guy is coming off as somewhat real world? I've sort of made him old school, not big on email, etc.


I am not looking to be 100% exact, but rather plausible. I am wondering if an airline mechanic, running a career from say the very late 60s through the 1990s could find themselves in these situations and if I have the gist of how maintenance is carried out. Also wondering approximately how many flying hours happen on an original DC-10-10 in between major or minor service.

I appreciate in advance any advice and again hoping I am not running afoul of forum rules as the book came about as part of my hobby.

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