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Better Scans

Mon Nov 15, 1999 3:58 pm

My pictures are getting rejected by airliners.net. I just wondering how you scan your pictures. What color settings do you use, what dpi. I am scaning prints using Umax Astra 1220P.

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RE: Better Scans

Tue Nov 16, 1999 2:00 am

I happen to use the same scanner. Crank up the scanning dpi to 1200 (choose advanced option in VistaScan) I only have 16 or so pictures at Airliners.net right now, i just haven't gotten around to scan some more... you also should use a image editing program (like Jasc's Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop) to sharpen, soften, or just plain make your image look better... then it has better chances of being accepted.

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OH-LGA Better Scans

Tue Nov 16, 1999 4:15 am

I am curious, what advantage is 1200 dpi scanning when screen resolutions are typically 72dpi for macs and 96 dpi for Windows type machines. How do choose the final size and resolution of your pictures?

Do you use Adobe Photoshop and if so what settings do you use for your sharpening. I have almost 6 years experience in Digital image techniques for high resolution devices but have found it a little hard to translate my experience to screen images.

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RE: OH-LGA Better Scans

Sat Nov 20, 1999 9:10 am

Next time you get your pics developed, get a Kodak Photo CD Pilot1113 told me about it and its great.
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Sun Nov 21, 1999 3:53 pm

I have over 60 photos on here. I don't really know about the scanning dpi - I did the scanning at the Kinko's Copies place where they have computers because I don't own a scanner. If there's a Kinkos near you you might try it. I didn't do anything unusual when scanning. But I do own Paint Shop Pro 5.0 ad I sharpen and adjust the gamma correction, brightness, hue, etc just slightly as needed. Yes, i have had many rejected due to either scan quality or original picture quality.
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RE: Better

Sat Nov 27, 1999 2:36 pm

I recently got a UMAX 2000P scanner to replace my Mustex ep111 and the results were great. I went from a 30 bit to 36 bit. I had 49 pictures accepted between March and October and have had 41 accepted since I got the UMAX. I usually scan at 400dpi. I select intelifix option after the first scan and then use the clean up JPEG option to smooth the picture and get rid of the little green speckles. My best pictures are of those pictures which I was able to get close to the aircraft by a good window or my 300mm zoom lense. However, I still get photos rejected mainly because the photos are dark, or that the Adobe program
just can't seem to improve them.
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Sat Nov 27, 1999 11:21 pm

Hi all

I have over 350 shots on Airliners and none have been rejected.

I use a very cheap Optrox scanner, about 60.00 UK pounds and Corel Photopaint 9.

I think the software you use makes all the difference. Paint Shop Pro is good but all the rest are expensive.

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