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Carreers In Aviation Photography?

Thu Dec 02, 1999 7:23 am

As much as I enjoy photographing aircraft, I'm strating to wonder if there is a way I can do it professionally. I hate my corporate desk job...I want out!! Is there anyone on this board who works for a publication (or an airline) whose sole job is to photograph commercial aircraft?

Another question: how to people get their images published in books and magazines? Is it just a matter of knowing the right people (or being in the right place at the right time)?

Any advice would be appreciated...

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RE: Carreers In Aviation Photography?

Thu Dec 02, 1999 8:56 pm


I am not a professional, but i would suggest you contact magazines and publishers and supply them with a few of your shots.

I'm not sure, but I think they prefer slides. I only take prints.

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A Long Shot

Fri Dec 03, 1999 7:50 am

I've often wondered this myself. I have pix that people would no doubt be awestruck by. But, I hoard them to myself I haven't even bothered to post them on the Internet. Unfortunately, I have doubts about anyones ability to make a lucrative career out of it for 2 reasons. 1, there are a ton of photographers already out there, who (like myself) do it as a hobby. Therefore, there is a large pool of pictures already available, thus driving down the overall worth of any pic you may take. 2. There really isn't a very large market, or interest in Civil airliners on the part of the public as a whole. Most of the people your pix would be of interest to already take pix of their own. Most of the public couldn't care less, therefore watering down the potential worth of your efforts still further.

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