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Sun Dec 26, 1999 4:22 am

I'm looking for a good camera with a optical zoom of at least 2x. I got $150-$200 Cdn, ($100-$150 American). Know of any good ones? Advantix or 35mm. Doesn't matter to me.
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Thu Dec 30, 1999 12:01 pm

You may want to try an auction website. Ebay, Yahoo etc.
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RE: Camera's

Fri Dec 31, 1999 4:58 am

I have a "Samsung Impax 2001 Advantix camera". it is compact and has a zoom from 28-60mm and cost about $120.00 I have taken many pics on it so look for it at the stores. It is a great camera. It also has normal and Panoramic photos.

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