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Stupid Fence.

Tue Jan 04, 2000 11:19 am

Hi everybody,
The airport here is really nuts. It's impossible for anyone to get close to airlines because of the fence. It surrounds the whole airport and there is no way around it unless I cut a hole in it but that would be tresspassing.
Also, I thought about asking someone in the airport but I highly doubt that they will escort me to the tarmack. 

So do you have any tips on how I can get close shots of aircraft without breaking the law.  

BTW, The airport is St.John's, Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada. Not a very busy airport.
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RE: Stupid Fence.

Tue Jan 04, 2000 6:08 pm

Bring a ladder or stepstool and a good zoom lens   that should do it  
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RE: Stupid Fence.

Tue Jan 04, 2000 6:20 pm

Go inside the terminal and take your shots there. Sure, it's not the same thing as taking at the tarmac, but it seems like you're short on options.
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RE: Stupid Fence.

Wed Jan 05, 2000 5:42 am

Is the fence open chain link or are there wood slats woven into the chain link? If it's open you should be able to put a lens with a 55mm or smaller filter diameter up against one of the holes in the chain link with no problem. That is if they let you go up to the fence.

If the fence is solid a stepladder works great. Pickup beds also work well.
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RE: Stupid Fence. Whole.

Sat Jan 08, 2000 2:47 am

I just thought you might find this amusing:

I live near ORD, O'Hare International, which is either THE or one of the busiest airports in the world and, sure enough, it is surrounded head-to-toe with fencing. Of course, you can't always call it that. There's a man-size gateway cut through it, the barbed wire has fallen off most of it and the rest is so thoroughly rusted that you could walk through it. There are wholes dug under it posts removed from it to make passing beneath it easier and where it goes over a small stream it's razor-sharp barbed wire to keep people from going around it over the stream is in massive spiral loops which can be linked to each other quite easily (as I have seen them many a-time) to make such a fowl not that they are kept quite out of the way.

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