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Photos / Slides For Sale / Swap

Tue Jan 04, 2000 6:21 pm

Hi !

Today I am collecting safetycards only but some years ago I have also taken pictures of airliners. From ca. 1990 to 1995 I took colours photographs and from 1995 to 1998 I took slides. I have "a million" photos and slides laying around :-) - if anyone is interested in any special airlines / aircrafts just drop me a line ! I will sell them or trade them with safetycards. Locations were mainly Germany (HAM, DUS, FRA, TXL), Stockholm ARN as well as Chile.

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RE: Photos / Slides For Sale / Swap

Tue Feb 01, 2000 6:49 am

Hi, I used to take (since 1975) pics from military acft but changed to civilian stuff early 1990s (after a few years of non-photography). I have a few (..) photos and slides in a spares-supply and can send you a list (in MS Word97 format) for you to consider swapping. Let me know on my emailadress leeuw@capitolonline.nl

RE: Photos / Slides For Sale / Swap

Sun Mar 05, 2000 8:43 am

Let me know or send me some sample picture what you have.

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