Anyone Know The Spot Of Filming At Kul?

Sun Jan 16, 2000 8:58 pm

Hi all readers,
Do anyone know the good spots/places to take photos at KUL int'l airport Malaysia?

Thanks a lot!

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RE: Anyone Know The Spot Of Filming At Kul?

Thu Jan 20, 2000 11:17 pm

A friend who works for Ansett Australia took a couple of days at KUL about 1997 and he returned with some great images.

KUL apparently does not have the magnificent balcony viewing terrace it had in the late 70s (I saw it a couple of time when transitting).

The only decent place my mate found was the restaurant which overlooked the apron/taxyway and he spent a good few hours photographing while sipping away at 20 cups of coffee!!. You have to purchase items from the cafe in order to take a seat.

How About The New Airport Opened In 1998?

Sun Jan 23, 2000 1:11 am

Firstly, thank you for your reply on my question.
But I was asking the spot of the new airport.
Do anyone know this?

RE: Anyone Know The Spot Of Filming At Kul?

Sun Mar 05, 2000 10:39 pm


my website has a description of spotting facilities at KUL.


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