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Unusual Angle Pix At A.N

Sun Feb 06, 2000 9:49 pm

Hi to all,

Since the thread in which this concept was mentioned in the General Aviation Forum seems to have been deleted (otherwise something must be wrong with both the search feature and my eyes...), I thought I'd raise it again, here.

I, for one, like to look at aviation photos that have been taken from a bit of an unusual angle. Some of the "detail" shots would tend to fall under that category, now. However, it seems to me there aren't a whole lot of pix like that in the A.N database.
Would it be a good thing -if at all possible- to create a new section, in which non-profile shots, pix with a more "arty" approach, and/or photos of only part of an aircraft could be featured...? This is just something I was wondering about.
Although the Forums other than General Aviation don't seem to be frequented quite as much as they could/should be, let's see how some of the other users feel about this.

Best regards,


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