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Whats Up With This

Fri Feb 11, 2000 7:39 am

I uploaded a couple of pics the other day and all of them got rejected. I got the standard letter saying use a higher dpi. They were scanned at 2500 dpi and 16 bit color. They look great. I was wondering what dpi you use. I can't go much higher than 2500 otherwise it takes forever to open and upload. I have a HP 3300c. It is capable of 9600 dpi. I don't feel like uploading a 20 meg jpg image though. Any suggestions?
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RE: Whats Up With This

Fri Feb 11, 2000 10:21 am

Whoa...2500 dpi is WAY too much! I hardly ever scan at anything more than 150 if I'm not going to run any prints. Print is a whole other issue...

Make sure you have a clean and CLEAR image to start with. After the scan, spend some time in Photoshop (or any respectable photo editing tool) working on cropping, sharpening, and color adjusting. Most consumer level scanners are crap, and I always end up spending lots of time in Photoshop trying to get the image to 'pop' as much as I can.

It takes practice. When Johan suggests you take a look at the 'great shots' section, he means it. Take a LONG AND HARD look at the quality of the images in there and compare them to yours. A good test is to examine the text anywhere in the it smooth (not jagged?). Can text that is far away be read clearly? Look at the grain in the image (especially the shadows)...the entire image should be ssmmmoootthhh. No grain!!

Like I takes practice. Maybe try posting your image here (or at least a link to it) so others can see it and offer suggestions.

Good luck...and KEEP TRYING!!! The best way to learn is for someone to tell you "you're not good enough". Prove 'em wrong!

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RE: Whats Up With This

Fri Feb 11, 2000 12:38 pm

One thing I use to tell if it is sharp enough is I look at the Reg# or other small text on the a/c. If its edges are sharp, then I usually upload it, if the photo in general looks good.

Also try things and compare before and after, if the after looks better, either leave it where it is, do it again, or find yet another thing to do to the photo to make it look better.

I always scan between 140 and 200 dpi.

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