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Bad Pics From Floppy Disk!

Thu Mar 23, 2000 1:11 am

Hello all,

I am sad to say, I got pictures back from a certain photo store yesterday and was not happy. I got my roll of film placed on a floppy disk in order for me to have quicker access to the pictures. I used Kodak Royal Gold 100 film with a 300mm and a UV filter and hood. The first thing the photo lady asked me when I picked up the pics was if I used a tripod for the pics? I did not use a tripod but she told me that they were great shots of takeoffs and close up. She said the negatives were in great shape.

When I went home and looked at the pics from the disk, I could have screamed!! They were awuful!! All of them looked like they had dirt on them and the color was very dark, not the bright sunny day in which I took them in!!

What happened? Was it the converting process from prints to disk or was it my setup with the type of film, UV filter and hood? Or is it the camera?

Please, help me everyone!!!

thanks a million


**I am going to get my money back and prints from the negatives today, I will let you know how they look!**
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RE: Bad Pics From Floppy Disk!

Thu Mar 23, 2000 4:24 am

What color is the dust? If it's white, then it's on the negitive, if it's black, it's on the lens.

It sounds like someone did not dust the negitives when they sent them through the machine, or the machine is dirty.



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