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JFK - Worth The Hassle?

Wed Apr 05, 2000 6:17 am

I'm trying to plan an upcoming weekend photo trip, and I've just learned that DL is offering some INSANE bonus miles to JFK (on non-stops) from here in southern California. I'd like to get those miles...but I've heard some pretty discouraging stories regarding JFK. Yeah, I've been through that airport a couple times, but I've never had a camera with me - nor have I ever seen anyone there with a camera. Will security be quick to toss me out if I'm walking around the terminals taking pictures? I'd hate to go all that way just to be thrown out in the first 30 minutes!!

Other choices for the weekend include: ORD, MSP, BOS, PHL, or ATL. I've shot at pretty much every major airport on the west coast, and I'd like to head east...

Thanks for any help...


RE: JFK - Worth The Hassle?

Wed Apr 05, 2000 8:46 am

JFK is not worth the hassle. It is a dumpy, crowded, unorganized airport. ORD is much better, Although it is somewhat unorganized, I would choose it over JFK anyday. MSP is terrible!!! Its ugly, and unorganized, also the weather is usually bad in that area. BOS is really nice, and organized, Its a neat airport since its right between downtown, and the Bay. I have never been to PHL, But I have heard its a nice airport. ATL is the World's Busiest, and Best Airport! Its 6 Concourse layout seems tough, But its highly accessible. It is very clean, organized, and Ultra Modern!!! I personally think you would like ATL.
Also, If you get a chance, You might want to take a stop by MCO.


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RE: JFK - Worth The Hassle?

Sat Apr 08, 2000 9:57 am

JFK can be a nice airport photograph depending on the conditions. If its sunny you're pretty lucky. It seems every time I go except once it is rainy or cloudy. I had no problem with security. Probaly they thought I was a kid and I wouldn't be a problem. But I would recommend making a connection through JFK to ATL. ATL is very organized and the weather is better. ORD is organized and has good weather but more airlines and airplanes go through ATL.


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