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Pictue Warnings

Thu Apr 20, 2000 2:33 pm


I would like some feedback and opinions on the subject of 'Warnings'. I recently submitted a photo (about 3 hours ago) that was accepted, but with a warning. The warning was over sharpness. Normally this would not be a concern, but I had the same photo uploaded almost a year ago, with no problems, yet the twist is that the older pic, was not at all sharp and overall a poorer quality image ! Take a look for yourselves. Let me know what you think. The easiest way to see these pics, is to go the home page and enter Kuwait Airways, and Thomas Millard in the Keyword box. There should be 2 of the same pic.

I should say that I have asked that this picture to be removed (this was done before I uploaded the newer version), so you might want to check it out soon, before it is gone.

I want to make this very clear. I'am not attempting to put Johan, in the hot seat, like was what done on a previous post, this is not my intent. Mr Lundgren has been very accepting of my work, for that I'am grateful. I just would like to get a few comments from other fellow photographers.

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Pictue Warnings

Sat Apr 22, 2000 5:36 am

Hi Thomas,

I like it - great shot!

All I can say about the 'apparent' over sharpening is that the 'saw-tooth' effect you see on some diagonals, particular wing leading/trailing edges and between closely spaced cheat lines, is often attributed to over sharpening.

This can also be caused by the size of the image relative to the original (try re-scaling to a few different sizes close to the desired to see if it gets better or worse) but if it is introduced by sharpening there are ways to reduce it in Photoshop.

Although it does give a slightly less sharp image (trade-off time I'm afraid...) it is worth trying a variety of settings - the one I've found makes most difference here is the radius control, specified in number of pixels. Try it with Preview on and see if 1/2/3 or some other value works best at removing the fuzziness.

I'm no expert but from recent experience this can help.



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