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Dallas/Fort Worth, Got Any Good Spotting Spots?

Tue May 16, 2000 8:19 am

I have been around DFW for well since I was born, and have loved looking for those neat spots to watch the a/c land and such, and on occasion snap a couple of pics. Now I now about Founder Plaza, behind west frieght next to AA south of UPS, I know that if you go by the old GA you can see a great shot of the new AA terminal B and sometimes see them powerbacking. Anyway and of course the 1W employee lot, thats great for seeing the B terminal and aircraft transitioning of a/c from the East-West and vice-versa over the bridge. But my question is there any other places that are better or just different?

RE: Dallas/Fort Worth, Got Any Good Spotting Spots?

Tue May 16, 2000 10:30 am

If your just into spotting then Founders Plaza is most likely the best spot, however if your into photographing planes then there are much better places. I spend most of my time on the west side of the airport near the AA hangars, mostly next to the Lufthansa cargo bulding down past AAs hangars. I shoot photos out there 2-3 times a week, but never spend too much time at Founders Plaza due to the sun being in front of you in the afternoon, but its good in the morning especially if there landing from the south. The GA area next to terminal B is also good, but I think its going to be tore up soon as they are building a new international terminal there. Myself and others are out every weekend taking photos near the LH building, try and make it out sometime and we'll show you all the good spots, there to hard to describe here on screen. We can give you all the arrival times for the good stuff.

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