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Slide Scanner

Tue May 16, 2000 9:09 am

Can anyone recommend the best slide scanner to buy.
I am currently using a flatbed scanner with a slide attatchment and the results are`nt all that great.

Bob Logan
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RE: Slide Scanner

Tue May 16, 2000 9:50 am

The majority of users on here, myself included, use the HP PhotoSmart S20. I haven't heard anyone complain about them yet. There are others out there...this one seems to be the most widely used.

Mark Abbott
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RE: Slide Scanner

Tue May 16, 2000 11:41 am

I hear that the aforementioned HP Photosmart is a really good scanner, unfortunley, being a MAC user this scanner is not an option, if it were I would give it some serious consideration. Myself I'am using a Minolta Scan Dual, its alright,but nothing special. I'am planning to buy a new MAC G4 as well as a new scanner, so I'am looking at Poloroid's new $1500.00 Sprintscan scanner, or one of Nikon's offerings.

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RE: Slide Scanner

Tue May 16, 2000 12:46 pm

The HP PhotoSmart seems to be the scanner of choice for web photos. Unfortunately it is restricted to 2400dpi max. This isn't the hot tip if you want to print scans. For printing purposes, the Minolta and Nikon scanners have higher scanning dpi. Unfortunately they are more expensive but heck, just charge it...
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RE: Slide Scanner

Tue May 16, 2000 8:14 pm

The HP S20 is an excellent choice. It's reasonably priced and produces high quality scans. The Nikon is twice the cost and in my opinion only 25% better so the S20 is a bargin for a digital darkroom solution.

RE: Slide Scanner

Wed May 17, 2000 12:48 am

Instead using a scanner, aren´t Kodak Photo cd`s an easy and good way to bring your pic´s online ?
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RE: Slide Scanner

Wed May 17, 2000 1:07 am

Yeah, Photo CD's are okay...but it's not a very economical solution if you need LOTS of images digitized. If you have a ton of images to scan (and need lots more as time goes on), invest in a quality slide / film scanner. It'll pay for itself in no time...

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