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Manual Or Autofocus? Help Me

Mon May 22, 2000 3:51 am

I'm trying to decide on what to use, Manual or Autofocus. What do you think? Which one do you use? Which one do you prefer?

I like autofocus, but sometimes the pictures come out blurry and sometimes it focusus on the wrong things. Manual, on the other hand, you can focus on what ever you want and you will know what will be focused, but it takes a lot of time and by the time you get it right, the plane is gone.

What do you think?

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RE: Manual Or Autofocus? Help Me

Mon May 22, 2000 8:13 am

Actually the choice is easy....Autofocus is the way to go. You can always switch from AF to MF in an instant when needed (at least you can on Canon's lenses). I personally still use some older Canon cameras, i.e. the F-1, T90 but I'am using those cameras less and less. Autofocus is tough to beat, in a pinch. My cameras consist of (2) EOS 1n's and (1) EOS 5, all three are great cameras.

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RE: Manual Or Autofocus? Help Me

Wed May 24, 2000 2:41 pm

It depends on the camera. I have 2 Nikons. 1 is an older N6006 and the other is a newer N70. The autofocus on the 6006 is too slow to shoot moving airplanes. By the time it focuses, the plane is no longer where you wanted it. I always use that one in manual focus mode. My brain can focus faster than the camera's. In contrast the N70's brain is faster than mine, so with that one I almost always use the AF mode.

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