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Adobe PhotoShop

Tue May 23, 2000 9:52 pm

I've got PhotoShop 5.5, but I'm not really into how to use it. I've read the upload FAQ and seen the photo samples that show how a pic should look like to get accepted. Under sample 4 it says "Too much grain. Try using your photo software's feature to reduce. Adobe PhotoShop has a special feature on reducing grain." Well, how's that done? How do you reduce grain?
Does anyone out here know how to use PhotoShop well? Please tell me the most basic stuff to fix the pics...please?
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RE: Adobe PhotoShop

Tue May 23, 2000 10:23 pm

go under filter and then go down to noise (despeckle) try this then see what happens. but read the book!
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RE: Adobe PhotoShop

Wed May 24, 2000 1:18 am

Yep...be careful of TOO much despeckle though, because it really blurs the image. You just need to find the happy medium between blur and grain - which is different for every photo.

If possible, I like to mask off grainy areas and apply a thin wash of color to the area. This works wonders on grainy blue skies, grainy areas on aircraft, etc. Combined with just a bit of despeckle and some sharpening filters, you can can usually get what you're looking for. Also, use a layer for EACH adjustment, so you can turn them on and off to track your progress. The key is patience...in the right hands, Photoshop is capable of nearly anything. It's my favorite program, that's for sure!

Anyway, Tappan is right...a tutorial book would be your best friend! Or, better yet, take a class if you can. It'd really be worth the time and money.

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RE: Adobe PhotoShop

Wed May 24, 2000 4:15 am

Thanks guys! You helped me a lot. But I still need some serious training. :-) I'm gonna go looking for a book this weekend. Then I'll be uploading pics like the crazy guy I am!!! ;-)

C'ya later!
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Adobe PhotoShop

Sat May 27, 2000 10:25 pm

Most local college's have courses offered in photo-shop's that run about 40-50 dollars, and run one/two day's or evening's. Check that out, as it would be time/money well spent.


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