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Shutter Speeds

Thu Jun 29, 2000 11:47 am

Do you know what shutter speed are. If I want to take a plane landing what will the picture turn out.

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RE: Shutter Speeds

Sun Jul 02, 2000 12:02 am

You HAVE to have AT LEAST 400 speed film, a camera with a fast autofocus, and have the shutter speed on AT LEAST 1000.

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RE: Shutter Speeds

Mon Jul 03, 2000 5:10 am

What kind of advices are these? I NEVER used a 400 speed film in my life and was able to shot hundreds of landings with no problem. Any 200 or even 100 ASA is enough and you don't need a shutter speed of 1000, beggining with 250 is enough in a sunny day.
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RE: Shutter Speeds

Mon Jul 03, 2000 5:57 am

Depending on what your zoom and Fstops are, you will need various shutter speeds, but not any film over 100ASA! For 50mm, 1/125 should be good for a beginner, while for 200mm, you will want about 1/500. As you get better you will be able to pull off much longer exposures, some people can get down to about 1/8 for 50mm!

For a plane landing on a sunny day, I'm going to guess a zoom of 100-200mm, exposure of 1/250-1/500th, and FStop of 11-16, with 100 speed film.
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RE: Shutter Speeds

Mon Jul 03, 2000 2:59 pm

I use ASA 100 film, and get shutter speeds and f stops anywhere from 1/125 at f/4.5 to 1/2000 at f/22

I think the majority of my LAX shots (just recently, that are still out in the box) were taken at 1/250 to 1/500 anywhere from f/8 to f/16


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