New To Aviation Photography - Need Advise

Thu Jul 27, 2000 10:15 pm

Hi guys,
I'm totally new to aviation photography and I just would like to ask you if you think that the Pentax Espio 115G is a good camera for this purpose, it have a 38mm-115mm zoom.

Thank you

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RE: New To Aviation Photography - Need Advise

Fri Jul 28, 2000 4:33 pm


I cannot help you with info on your camera but the zoom lens you have, you would have to get pretty close to the aircraft to use that.

Standard nowadays is about 210mm. That's what I use.

Maybe someone else can help with your camera?

Gary Watt
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RE: New To Aviation Photography - Need Advise

Fri Jul 28, 2000 8:23 pm

Hi there. Is that a K2 mount lens????

I shoot a PZ-70 and run a Sigma 70-300 usually. And I have the factory Pentax 38-70 lens.

If I had a choice I would go with the lens you are getting to replace my smaller lens but I find the Sigma absolutly needed for most of my distance shots. I am pretty happy with the setup I have now though.

I wish there was a cheep 400mm lens out there for my camera.

Best of luck Pentaxs are great cameras but a little hard to find accessories for. You pretty much have to go to a dedicated camera shop for them.
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RE: New To Aviation Photography - Need Advise

Sat Jul 29, 2000 8:26 am

The lens you have is not going to be much use at any of the major airports unless you have special access. But it should be more than adequate at many of the smaller regional airfields/private strips. I would strongly recommend to anyone starting out in aviation photography to "work" the smaller fields - its much easier to get good results. You will also aquire an appreciation of the problems involved in aviation photography and gain some idea of the equipment you might want for major airfields.


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RE: New To Aviation Photography - Need Advise

Sun Jul 30, 2000 10:46 am

Nicholas, is that a compact camera or a SLR? Only SLR's produce suitable results for aviation photography, and I struggle with my SLR... But it sounds like you've a compact camera, that just won't work here. L-188, look for used equipment!! I know a proffessional photographer who says that you can get REALLY long used lenses for REALLY cheap. He mentioned a pricerange of about $150-250. He's got several cameras(FastGlass guess what, it's someone partial to Nikons!!), one is an N90s and the rest i dont know... Crud why am i not asking him for tips?!

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RE: New To Aviation Photography - Need Advise

Sun Jul 30, 2000 9:04 pm

I am kinda new aswell... I am using a Canon Rebel X S camera, and a Sigma 35-105 zoom lens, and I get very good pictures... Does anybody think that there is room for improving without spending more than $80?

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