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I'd Like To See A New Category

Wed Aug 23, 2000 6:54 am

What do you think about a new category of photos devoted to inflight & scenery? I tried to upload some of my great shots last year but unless they showed an aerial view of an airport, or a good part of the plane's wing they were rejected saying "showing only small part of the plane" which is true, but you still can shoot some great inflight shots that don't necessarily show a lot of your plane.

I've seen lots of great landing/takeoff shots on here and those kind of pics are great! We should have more.
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RE: I'd Like To See A New Category

Wed Aug 23, 2000 4:25 pm


I also like that idea.

I just love shooting from the cabin window and you can get some really nice shots.

There is no where else on the Net that has a site like this.

Hopefully Johan will think this a good idea and possibly introduce this feature in the not too distant future.

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RE: I'd Like To See A New Category

Thu Aug 24, 2000 4:21 am

Hi Bruce,

Not a bad idea! I've taken a few shots recently from the air of some neat stuff on the ground. I don't think it will work on this site though:

1. The photos really wouldn't be aviation related. That essentially would change the nature of this site. People visit this site to look at airplanes and other aviation related subjects. Plently of other websites exist for people to display their nature, landscape, or whatever you want to call them photos.

2. It would be very difficult to establish guidelines for photos to be accepted. What would be the criteria to add photos? Would any photo be accepted? Even the bad ones? One could submit nothing but photo after photo of Iowa cornfields.

3. How would you track and be able to search through these photos in a database that's setup for commercial aviation?

I'm not trying to piss in your Wheaties, but it really wouldn't be feasible to add a new section dealing with air to ground photos. Don't get me wrong, I like to idea! I have quite a few photos of this nature that I'd love to add! I don't think it'd work on this site.

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